Reward Points

Small rewards for customers for greater customers’ spending

The Reward Points Extension allows store owners to enhance customer buying by rewarding them some certain points after their purchases. These reward points can be used as a valuable discount for future orders. By this way, the customer loyalty might be built up significantly and simultaneously, sales volume of the store would also experience a strong growth.

  • Give the customers points to stimulate their purchases
  • Set a brilliant reward point system with specific rules and rates
  • Use points to encourage buyers to sign in, review, tag product, refer friends,…
  • Allow customers to spend their accumulated points for further purchases
  • Track point transaction history to evaluate effectiveness of the system

Finding new customers is great, but keeping old ones and turning those new customers into loyal buyers is even more important:
Bain and Co.: A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%.
Gartner Group: 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.
Lee Resource Inc. Attracting new customers will cost your company 5 times more than keeping an existing customer.
(Source: Forbes Magazine)
The Importance of Customer Retention
Realizing the importance of the customer retention, the Reward Points Extension for Magento was created to help the online entrepreneurs to keep buyers coming back and drive more sales.
How it works
When the customers visit the store and do some certain activities such as: sign in, subscribe, buy products, ..., they will receive several reward points. After that, they can exchange these points to money to get other items in the stores, and simultaneously they might continue to take some points. The thing is that as usual people don't want to waste their points (they had to spend money to get points in return), so that they will come back and keep buying in your store.

How It Works

Reward for Multiple Positive Customer Behaviors

In the backend, the administrator can configure the module to give customers points for these following options:
D7 ways to earn reward points
Sign up/ Register for a new account: If the visitors sign up in the website, the store can collect fully customers’ information to manage more effectively. Owing to that, let’s give them some points as an impulse to register.

Subscribe for newsletter: The email database build from subscription is essential for the store’s email marketing campaigns. However, people tend to avoid subscription because they are scared of numerous spam emails in their inbox. Hence, giving some points for the buyers will contribute to motivate them to subscribe.

Purchase products: This is the most crucial type of reward since it affects directly to sales. It is common that buying a product will get the highest number of points among all shoppers’ activities. Also, getting items that the store want to boost sales usually gives more points than others to attract customers.

Reward Point in the Product Page

Write product reviews: More product reviews in your site, especially good reviews, will make the store become more trustworthy in the eyes of customers. Therefore, encouraging the customers to write some comments by reward points is worth trying.

Refer friends: When a customer introduce their friends to buy a product and the new order is made successfully, she/he deserves to get some reward points. The reward is small but the benefits they bring to us are huge.

Add Tags to products: If a buyer spends little time to tag several useful words to products, others visitors might get better search results afterwards. Due to that, increase that customer’s total points for tagging is also recommended.

Participate on polls: Finally, the store sometimes will hold some surveys to understand deeply about their clients. The thing we need to do is simply give voters some points to call for their action.

Easily Set Varied Reward Rules for Product Purchases

Set Varied Reward Rules for Product Purchases
As you can see, you can set different conditions to create a new rule. Noting that you don’t need to set specific reward points for products one-by-one, but define points for a group of similar items to save time. If there is a special product that has already belonged to a group; however, you want to give the buyers more points for buying that products than others, please create a new rule for that item only based on its SKU.

Besides rewards relied on products, you can set more conditions depending on Cart Attributes such as: Subtotal, Total Items Quantity, Payment and Shipping Method, and so on. A guideline is that if the store prefer some certain kinds of methods (E.g.: payment through Pay-Pal), let’s give the purchasers more points to persuade them to conduct those actions.

Freely Define the Number of Earning Points for Other Activities

The storeowners must set specific points for these following activities:
  • Sign in
  • Subscribe
  • Review
  • Tag
  • Poll
In some elements, you also need to add the maximum of points that the buyers can receive for same activities in a day.
Besides, if you don’t want to reward points for one of those activities, just disable in the settings.

Earning Reward Points Configuration

Specify the Reward Exchange Rate

Money to point: (Point Earning Rate)
As soon as a purchase is made, the customer will be rewarded with some points that are equivalent to their payment for that product.
E.g.: You set Money = 100, Point = 1, so that if the customer buys an items with $500, he/she will get 5 points in return.

Point to money: (Point Spending Rate)
After made some purchases, the customers will have certain points in their reward bank. Then, these points can be exchanged again to an amount of money that they can use to buy another product by a specific rate. However, the money exchanged can be spent only to buy items in the store (cannot be exchanged to cash)
E.g.: You set Point = 100, Money = 1, so that if the buyer possesses 800 reward points, he/she can exchange these points to $8 to buy other items in the store.

Notes: : The storeowners can apply different exchange rates for different their different customer groups. (General, Wholesale, VIP Member, Private Sales Member)

Specify the Reward Exchange Rate

Track Points Transactions to Evaluate the Reward Points System

In the real reward system, there are a lot of activity types as point transactions. Looking at the Transaction History, the owners can get the information of: which activities the customers get main/least points from, points exchange frequencies and list of the customers who possess great number of points currently.

After that, the store can make some adjustments to reinforce the reward system. For instance, they can increase the current point levels for activities that attract less customers’ attention. Also, the crucial members who are rich in points should be treated better by level up their customer level to VIP as an example.

Track Points Transactions to Evaluate the Reward Points System

Allow Point Owners to Track their Reward Bank

To do this, the customers must access the My Account and go to the Reward Points. In this page, they can see their current Balance, transaction history and remind of the exchange rate. Especially, they can send invitation for friends to get reward points directly here by fill the friend’s email address and write a message.

Allow Point Owners to Track their Reward Bank

Other Features
  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meet Magento programming practices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free update
  • Monthly updated with new and great features
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  • 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Release Notes

Latest version: 0.1.6

Version 0.1.6

- Date: March 7, 2016

- Fixed router issue related to SUPEE-6788

- Add section to apply points when creating order in backend

- Fixed issue when creating credit memo

Version 0.1.5

- Date: June 23, 2015

- Fixed some minor issues

Version 0.1.4

- Date: April 6, 2015

- Add points bar in shopping cart

- Add point information into order & invoice emails

- Fixed issue that cannot create credit memo

- Fixed issue that always send email notification even if it is disabled

- Fixed issue when customers try to use more points than order total

Version 0.1.3

- Date: July 4, 2014

- Fixed issues:

+ Cannot refund points when order is cancelled.

+ Translation issue for using reward points in checkout page

+ CSS issues

+ Point rewarding info in shopping cart page

- Allows admin to view points transactions

- Support responsive themes

- Support Magento 1.9

Version 0.1.2

Date: November 14, 2013

- Fixed issue if customer select newsletter subscriber in customer registration page

- Fixed issue if customer register a new account during checkout

- Fixed issue which cannot delete reward rate

- Allow admin to add message when adding/subtracting customer points

- Tested with Magento 1.8

Version 0.1.1

Fixed Bugs
- Problem when admin create invoice for an order
- Cannot delete reward point in backend
- Cannot add point for customers who register in checkout page

New Features
- Allow admin to update points in customer edit page
- Add reward point information into product page.
- Add reward point information in shopping cart page

Version 0.1.0

Release: November 13th, 2012

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