Product Labels

Small Product Labels Bring About Huge Sales Volumes For Your Magento Stores

The Product Labels Extension helps the Magento store owner to highlight their products by using visual images. In other words, it allows you to easily add unlimited labels into your products then display those in both Category and Product Page to grab customers’ attention. Also, you are able to not only upload your own images but also freely customize the text inside.

  • Add a variety of eye-catching labels to products
  • Display the label in one among a total of 9 positions on the product image
  • Show products attached labels on both Product and Category pages
  • Freely customize the call-to-action text inside each product label
  • Set clear rules and conditions for automatic label applies



Let’s imagine that you are an online buyer and visit a store with diverse products from models to designs, it would be hard to take some items into your basket, right?
This is the reason why the Product Labels are created in order to make differences between all displayed stuffs, directing the customers’ attention to certain groups of products that the store wants to boost sale.
It is no doubt that people have a tendency to prefer New, Sale or Popular items, which makes the Product Labels Extension an immensely effective tool for any Magento stores.
How it works

How It Works


Upload Attractive Product Labels on both Category and Product Pages

  • On the Category Page
Product Labels on the Category Page

  • On the Product Page
Product Labels on the Product Page

Easily Create New Product Label – Just in a couple of minute!

  • Step 1: Set up General Information for the label
- Title: You can take the text inside the label as its name for easier management in back-end.
- Priority: When a product meets conditions of more than one label, the label having the highest priority will be displayed.
- Start and End Date: You can set exact time for automatically displaying the labels.
Set up General Information for the product label

Set up General Information for the product label
- Store View: You can choose a/all store view(s) that allow(s) to show the labels.

- Customer Groups: For each group of buyers, the store might want to direct them to certain product types due to their different needs and demands. Hence, select which purchaser group who can see the label is quite important.
Set up General Information for the product label

  • Step 2: Upload and Edit Label Image
Upload and Edit Product Label Image
- The 1st option: You can add text then upload label background image from your computer.
- The 2nd option: You leave the text field blank, then upload label included text from your computer.
- Position: There are a total of 9 positions in the product image to attach the label. It is recommended to choose positions in the corner cause these are more eye-catching to the viewers.
- Text Style: You can edit style for the text to make it more special as well as matching with the label background.

  • Step 3: Set Varied Conditions to Apply the Label/ Choose which products are attached by this label
The extension allows you to assign label for products based on the SKUs. You can attach the label for a specific or for all items easily by add the SKU directly to the Product Sku field or choose those on the product list.
Set Varied Conditions to Apply the Product Label
Besides, the administrator are able to set tighter rules based on Categories, Product Status (New/ On Sale), Product Availability (In Stock/Out of Stock) to match the labels more appropriately.

Other Features
  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meets Magento programming practices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free update
  • Monthly updated with new and great features
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  • 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Release Notes

Latest version: 0.1.3

Version 0.1.3

- Release: October 29, 2015

- Simplify conditions for creating label

- Fix issue that label is not displayed

- Fix security issue related to Magento patches

Version 0.1.1

- Release: July 24, 2014

- Fixed small sql issue

Version 0.1.0

Date: May 29, 2014

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