Magento 2 Popup Plus

Creating and managing popups has never been easier with POPUP PLUS

The Popup Plus for Magento 2 is the most powerful popup builder extension currently. With none designing and programming knowledge, you are still be able to create a great deal of attractive popups with thoroughly customized styles, effects and content so as to get the highest level of popup conversion.

  • Create and manage unlimited types of popups
  • Freely customize all the looks of popups
  • Display popups in any favorite pages in the website
  • Track popup indicators everyday with detailed statistics
  • Set viewing permission for different customer groups

As usual, when you possess a designed website, there is absolutely no way to change or customize some parts, especially the pop up. Would you like to be able to edit the pop up content by yourself without any developers? We will provide you a wonderful tool to realize your wish that is Popup Plus for Magento 2.

Popup Plus


The Popup Plus Extension for Magento 2 gives you full power to create and manage all of the popups in your online store.


Select one in available popup types

CMS Static Block: Popup show available CMS Static Block
Contact Form: Popup shows Magento Contact form
Cookie Compliance: A checkbox popup asks customer for allowing website to use cookies
Custom Popup: You can create a new pop up beyond what are available
Login Form: Popup requires users to login
Newsletter: Popup asks users to subscribe and receive newsletters

All available popup types

Set popup cookie expiration and popup effect

Set cookie time for expiration

After X seconds, the cookie will expire; which also means that the customers will not see the popup again from the first time seeing the popup until the cookie runs out of time.

Choose popup effect when being closed

There are five disappearing effect options for you to choose, including: Fade In, Slide to Right, Slide to Left, Slide Down and Slide Up. Among all of these, Fade in is considered as the most common one.

Automatically close popup

It is allowable to set a certain period of time to let your popups close automatically without users’ intervention.

Set popup appearance

You can determine the popup width (in pixel), or leave it “Auto” then the extension will opt for a random suitable size for your popup to display nicely in the website. Besides, you can set the percentage of border radius for the popup.

Auto Close Popup and set Popup Display
Set viewing permission for different customer groups

Set viewing permission for different customer groups

For each popup, you might target to a specific group of viewers. Therefore, dividing and selecting which groups have right to see a popup is quite necessary to match popup content with the store visitors.


It is immensely convenient that you are able to choose any pages in your website to display popups. A popup can be displayed in all pages or only a specific one by just a few clicks.

Furthermore, in spite of there are a range of positions in each page to choose, all options bring the same results. The reason is that the popups will be most appropriate and eye-catching only when they are on center of the page so we fixed all popups at this position.

Display popup in any Magento pages


Besides the available popups in the Popup Plus, you can create a totally new a popup in the back-end. The extension gives you a high level of customization, from adding text, images to HTML, … With the WYSIWYG editor, you can edit the popup content at ease like a professional.

Customize popup easily with popup plus


It is essential to analyze indicators of the popups in the statistics in order to know whether you are using those effectively or not. As you can see, the table presents Impressions, Goal Completion, Click Inside Popup, Close Without Interaction and Window Closed.

Check popup detailed statistics with popup plus

Firstly, from the Impressions, we can know how many times the popup is fetched and viewed by customers. Secondly, the Goal Completion indicates the percentage of users accomplishing the popup request (E.g.: for newsletter popup, the Goal Completion is counted when the users send their email address to subscribe), while the Click Inside Popup denotes the percentage of people who only click inside without complete the content. Finally, the Close Without Interaction and the Window Closed reveals the proportion of visitors ignoring and disregarding the popup.

For the first three elements, the higher seems to be better whereas high figures for the last two factors prove low effectiveness in using popups.

Other Features
  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meet Magento programming practices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free update
  • Monthly updated with new and great features
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  • 2.0.x, 2.1.x

Release Notes

Latest version: 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0

Date: August 8, 2016

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