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Easy to keep your customers happy & then bring more sales
Mageticket is a simple Magento extension which helps you provide the best quality customer service and keep your customers always happy.


For example, say that you’re running a Magento website that offers support for your customers, but you have no ticketing system, you might encounter any of the likely issues such as disorganized communication & mismanaged support tickets.

Our Mageticket module is the right solution to wind all your problems away by adding a support ticket system for your store and improve quality of your customer service. Integrated with customer data in your Magento store, the module helps the backend ticket management be easier than ever.



  • Allow to create ticket easily and keep track of everything
  • Tickets are created by users in the frontend via a Magento contact form while the admin can make a ticket in the backend. Through tickets, you can communicate with your customers using live chat and telephone calls.

  • Support is now available 24/7
  • You can reply to a ticket using your email without logging into Magento backend & update all of your tickets anywhere.

  • Say No to spam tickets with Captcha
  • Forget about spam tickets if you use Mageticket as the module. It allows you to use recaptcha for ticket submission form. It's so simple for turning on / off the feature in the backend.

  • The best customer service with organizational structure
  • Tickets are assigned across your customer support teams and transferred to relevant departments after users choose which department they’d like to direct to.

  • Multiple attachments enable users to make better description for their tickets
  • The level of ticket urgency can be identified thanks to ticket priority function.
  • Ticket Color
  • You can select color for ticket status. It helps you easily find out tickets that are completed or waiting for your response.

  • Create ticket for a specific order
  • From order page, you can create a new ticket for that customer. It will automatically pull customer information for the ticket.

Knowledge base

  • Keep customers comfortable by organizing knowledge base
  • Knowledgebase can be created in multiple categories. Grouping similar questions into one category will help customers easily find out their question.

  • SEO friendly URL can help you more
  • The module uses Magento Rewrite technique to rewrite all knowledge base categories and article URL's. It will be a big help for boosting your web store.

    Email tickets

    • Email messages are automatically converted into tickets by Email Parser
    • Once email parser is setup, customers can update their ticket by replying to this email. The system will automatically fetch message from email and update to ticket system. You can add as many emails as you want. More than one email can be assigned to one department.

    • Easy to turn on email ticket with cron job
    • For email ticket to work, you will need to setup a cron job in your hosting. But this is really an easy task which takes you less than 2 minutes. The module uses Magento cron job feature, so that is all you need to to make this work.

    • Never miss ticket update with email notification
    • Email notification will keep you and your customers updated about ticket processes. Email notification is sent when ticket is created, updated or assigned to a staff member. You can customize content for each email easily from Magento backend.

    Ticket Staff

    • Allow to Manage ticket staff by Magento Permission
    • You can define a Magento permission role for ticket staff, allowing them to access only specific tickets or certain sections in backend. Users added to assigned ticket roles will be added to a support system automatically. You can assign users to specific support departments.

    • Enable to assign ticket between departments and staff
    • There is always a chance that customers submit tickets to inappropriate departments. Staff in that department cannot answer the question, but they can re-assign it to a relevant department. Ticket can be assigned to a staff which is the best for following and solving the problem.


    You can turn on / off this feature in the backend. There are 2 steps for auto-closing a ticket. The first step is to send an inactivity notification email. After the ticket is closed, another notification will be sent to customers. You can easily configure all of the parameters in the Magento backend

    Other features

    • Enable/Disable the out of stock alert option.
    • Add ability for admin to change the notification heading above the Email text box
    • Allow to display first name and last name in subscription form.
    • Allow to display out of stock notification button in both category and product pages
    • Easy installation
    • 100% open source
    • Meets Magento programming practices
    • 24/7 Support
    • 14 days money back guarantee
    • Life time free update
    • Updated monthly with new great features
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