Magento Store Locator

Magento Store Locator

Bring customers to your offline stores immediately with Store Location

Magento Store Locator is definitely an essential tool for any companies that operate both online and offline, especially the one has a large number of physical locations. Owing to smart integration with the Google Maps, this great extension will give the clients the fastest ways to come to your stores and purchase your products.

  • Display the whole chain of stores in the Google Maps
  • Allow customers to search for their nearest stores
  • Provide detailed direction to reach the destination
  • Offer useful stores’ information for visitors
  • Handily import and export stores’ data from CSV
  • Customize varied back-end and front-end options
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Magento Editions Compatibility

  • 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9



Overview about Magento Store Location

Managing a chain of stores always a headache problem for the storeowners. It is also more difficult to administer both online and physical stores at the same time. In order to build a strong bond between them and take advantage of this connection to provide customer more convenience, let try our great extension – Magento Store Locator. To be specific, this extension provides you ability to display all of the current stores directly in your website with very detailed information. More importantly, it would help shoppers to find which and how to come to the nearest store in your chain..

For Storeowners: 

Manage your store list effectively: You can easily create and add as many stores as you want. In the future, when your chain might experience some changes like expansion or narrowing, your stores in the online system also can be added or deleted at ease.

Present stores’ location in a fully responsive map: Owing to perfect integration with Google Maps, the extension enables you to locate your stores in a friendly and responsive interface. It automatically interacts with all screen resolutions such as Pc, tablets or mobile layout. Besides, you can set stores’ address, adjust both latitudes and longitudes to reach the most accurate navigation and then preview those locations on the map. By utilizing this map system, your customers’ search experience would be optimized.

Set varied demonstrated images for stores: Sometimes the stores can differ slightly or greatly in their main items/ decoration/ promotion and so on. Therefore, setting up different avatars represented for each shop might be a good idea, which would help the buyers enormously to choose which one they need or prefer.

Assign specific tags for each store: As mentioned above, each of your store can offer dissimilar types of products, or any of them are more major in some areas.Because of that, creating tags by giving each place some distinct descriptive words is necessary to help customers distinguish and make easier searches.

Handily import stores’ data: In case you have a giant physical store system, the extension will support to import all your stores’ information in mass from CVS files to the website.

magento store locator

For customers:

Find the nearby stores rapidly: There are just a few simple steps for purchasers to find a store on their doorstep to buy what they saw online. As you can see, they need to enter their addresses first, then define the searching radius, and finally receive a list of close shops. It is worth noting that when the address filed is filled, the Store Location extension will immediately give several suggestions that match this address. To get a better search results, the users can fill some tags describing the shop that they are looking for.

magento store locator 3

Get instant and clear direction to a chosen store: after deciding a favorite store, the customers are able to find the shortest route to come to that shop.Normally, the map will provide some paths with different distances and with varied means of transport to go to the destination for the searchers to select. All of  the distances are calculated exactly followed by an estimated travelling time with no traffic. Also, the users can freely zoom in/ out the map for more details.

Choose a preferable view: there are two vision options for the users to go for, which are Map and Satellite. The Map contains all of the navigation, lightweight mapping power and points of interest with just a small hint of satellite imagery, while the Satellite has complete 3D data and just a small subset of information on places, without any point-to-point navigation. In other words, the Map is for routing and getting to places while the Satellite is for exploring the size of buildings and topography of the areas.

magento extension store locator

Get necessary information of each store: Besides basic information such as name, address, contact number, the shoppers will know about opening hours and actual working days of the stores. Owing to that, they might opt for the most convenient time to visit a store. Moreover, the websites or social channel links (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) of the shops are probably displayed at the same time, where the customers can access to find more materials.


Full Features List

Front-end Features:

  • Present stores in a responsive map (powered by Google Maps)
  • Automatically get users' locations
  • Display many search suggestions
  • Filter stores by descriptive tags
  • Choose between two types of map: Map & Satellite
  • Search for nearby stores
  • Find detailed direction to go to the store
  • Estimate distance and time of travelling to the destination

Back-end Features: 

Store Management

  • Easily manage, add, edit or delete stores
  • Tag stores with descriptive words for more effective searches
  • Upload stores’ demonstrated images/ icons
  • Add stores’ information: name, email, phone, website...
  • Import stores’ data swiftly from CSV file


  • Upload a default icon for all stores
  • Set up varied search radius ranges and default radius
  • Define search units: kilometer or mile
  • Select page layout: 1 or 2 columns
  • Configure number of stores displayed per page
  • Enable/ Disable stores search function
  • Enable/ Disable Ajax-based suggestion
  • Enable/ Disable search stores by tag

extension magento store locator 2

Other Features
  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meet Magento programming practices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 14-day-money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free update
  • Monthly updated with new and great features
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