Magento Website Development

Our Magento Website Development Service is a full option for developing a website based Magento. It contains: website design, template and features coding which guarantee your website to be ready for going live. You can also choose separate options: design, template coding or features implementation. Following may be reasons for you to consider our services:

Professional Design
  • Our designers have done hundreds of designing for websites and templates. We understand the core values which help you site stand out from other competitors.
  • A flexible design process. You give us your rough ideas. Our designers will turn them into design concept. Starting with home page, you get unlimited revisions until you are happy with the design.
A Strong Development Team
  • Template and extensions used in the project are following Magento Programming Standard. You never have to worry when you want to update your store in future.
  • Saving lots of time in development as we can use extensions from Magebuzz Store.
  • We understand the importance of SEO optimization and implement for all of our projects
Communication is the most important

Here at Magebuzz, we have a simple but very useful way for communication with customers. It is daily email. We use email to send you daily update so that you will always realize how is going with the project. It is also help us stick to to the deadline of project.

The Cost

The cost of your project is estimated carefully before making contract agreement. Our Project Manager makes sure that we understand your requirement, estimate the time and give you the best cost. When you work with us, you know that you are getting the high quality service at the best price.