Magento Upgrade

You know that keeping your Magento site up-to-date is very important. But upgrading Magento never seems easy. It might takes time for fixing bugs again and again and after lots of wasted days, you give up. So why do you have to waste your time when you have many other things to do? Leave the job to us and focus on your main point. Our Upgrading service will help you save lots of time.

By using our upgrading service, you will get:

  • Keep your Magento store up-to-date with higher compatibility, stability and security.
  • Get new features from Magento latest version.
  • Guarantee the site to work properly without problem after upgrading
  • Data in your store (customers, products, orders...) is not affected
  • 30 days free bug-fixing guarantee

Price for upgrading service usually starts at $250 and may be higher in some cases which is up to your Magento stores. Other customers were happy with our services. So why don't you start by sending us a free request quote .