Magento Migration

So, you are having a web-store using other platforms (like Joomla, Oscommerce, Shopify,...) and you are considering to migrate to Magento. Why? Magento is fast-growing ecommerce solution with lots of features going with it by default. Magento provides you flexibility in customization according to your needs. It is so simple for manage catalog, orders, customers and marketing tools... And lots, lots of other great features. But you still have to consider because of:

  • All the custom development made for your web-store might be not compatible with Magento
  • Human and financial resources spending on migration
  • Sometimes migration can take a lot of time.

If these are your worries, stop now. We have lots of experience in the field and know how to do the job with an affordable price. With our migration service, you will be happy to use great features from one of most popular platforms today with lowest cost and time.

  • Transfer all the data from your current web-store to new Magento store, including: catalog, customers, orders...
  • You can choose to keep current store's look and feel or develop a completely new interface.
  • Have all custom development made for your web-store to be compatible in Magento.
  • Affordable time and cost.