What Customers Say

  • Fraser Angliss

    Fraser Angliss

    Store: www.micom.co.uk

    Magebuzzz were recommended by one of our suppliers and hiring them was one of the best moves we have made. The team has been supportive pre and post production and they know exactly what they are talking about. Will not hesitate to use again. 

  • Tony Chinweze

    Tony Chinweze

    Store: alegol.com

    We started this journey on a blank sheet of paper but with support from Neo and the guys at Magebuzz. We’ve been able to develop a good transactional Website. The team simply can’t thank Neo and Magebuzz enough for the work done on our website and we did not break the bank in the process compared to the other proposals from market for projects of similar nature. Neo and his team deliver their work with total commitment and professionalism and I would not hesitate to offer my recommendation. 

  • Tanya Dale

    Tanya Dale

    Store: contrac-it-webstore.co.uk

    When our company started using Magento, we had no experience what so ever with the platform. Our suppliers recommended Neo. That’s the best decision we have made! Neo is always great at communicating – from giving us advice on what could be improved to developing the Magento platform in a way to best suit your business needs. Neo not only supported us through the development of our website but he also gave us advice on the most cost-effective and efficient way to implement our company requirements. His prices are fantastic and a great value for money. I would most definitely recommend him and his team. 

  • Jochem van der Padt

    Jochem van der Padt

    Store: www.bioo.nl

    We have implemented the "shopping list" extension. It was quite a job to integrate it in our site. We were really amazed by the commitment from this team. Even after a few weeks we had a request and the team was ready to support us. Everything we asked was done in a few hours. We highly recommend this company because of the great extensions and reliability! 

  • Mike McCartney

    Mike McCartney

    Store: www.cjweddingflowers.co.uk

    As a Graphic designer I was unsure on what direction to go with using Magento, Neo and his team helped me all the way from advice that was friendly, direct and free to actually maintaining and developing my site for a low cost! Neo was always on hand and just an email away to reassure me that what I wanted was getting done. I continue and will continue to work with Neo as a trusted coder and developer.  

  • Alexander de Jong

    Alexander de Jong

    Store: www.baby-steps.nl

    As someone who loves to work with magento and has his own online business, I found the perfect template (created by the Magebuzz team) to use for my webshop. Thomas helped me with some sales questions and finally I ordered it. In the implementation, he was always helpful for me even when it was midnight at his place. He solved and customized some other things with an excellent view. In the way we did online business from a far distance, the contact we have is very good and gives a personal touch. Thomas and Magebuzz did a great job.