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Make the difference with high-end customer service quality

The Help Desk Extension creates the shortest “bridge” between the customers and the support team of online stores. It is capable of gathering buyers’ opinions from numerous sources and distributing to proper departments to resolve. Hence, the benefits that the storeowners might receive are huge: high level of customer satisfaction, optimized workflow and effective staff performance management. Also, this extension is extremely helpful for large-scale online businesses.

  • Handle all customers’ issues in a single channel
  • Collect tickets from multiple sources
  • Assign tickets to the right divisions and staff
  • Manage tickets effectively based on status, priority, history
  • Monitor performance of the whole support team
  • Automatically close inactive tickets

Nowadays, it seems that only product quality might not help an entrepreneur to standout in the market. The reason is that most of the businesses focus on developing their goods; some “followers” even “imitate” their competitors and then create a better version compared to the authentic items. Therefore, one crucial factor can make a firm differentiate with another firm is Customer Service.

Realizing the importance of Customer Service, the Help Desk Extension was created in order to “listen” and “solve” all problems from the clients, let them be heard and satisfied owing to a convenient ticket system.

How it works Help Desk Extension for Magento 2


The Help Desk Extension for Magento 2 will definitely bring more than what you can expected. Its fantastic features would satisfy not only the customers but also the staff and the storeowner. Let’s find out how amazing it is!


At no time did the customers find it much easy and convenient to get support from your online store. They are able to express their opinions and complaints comfortably by submitting the tickets, and then track the whole process in their account dashboard.

My Tickets

Free to express ideas through tickets:

  • Add necessary contact information: The users can fill their name and e-mail in order for the staff to contact and answer their queries easily.
  • Set Priority for the email (High/ Medium/ Low): Owing to these different levels of priority, the customers can make the staff pay attention to their problems.
  • Choose an appropriate Department with the issues: The problems of the buyers might come from the products, service, payment or delivery, …Hence, giving them a right to select the support division themselves would save time for both the buyers and the owners and improve problem solving effectiveness as well.
  • Add content with rich text format supported: There are no restriction or requirement for ticket’s content. Therefore, the customers are free to write and show fully their opinions.
  • Attach multiple files to demonstrate plainly the problem: For instance, when the purchasers find some differences between what they ordered and received, they can upload actual pictures and screenshots in the website of these items to prove.

Create New Ticket

Submit a Ticket from Multiple Sources:

  • Via customer’s account (My account/ My Tickets/ Help desk)
  • Via help desk e-mail gateway (E.g.: [email protected]
  • Via Magento Contact Form (“Contact us” section)
3 ways to submit Tickets

Respond and keep track of message history:

  • Receive instant e-mail notification of new ticket from staff: Once the support team responses to the ticket, the customers will receive a notification immediately in their e-mail box.
  • Respond to tickets through customer’s account and e-mail: After getting responses from the shop, the buyers can continue the conversation by answering that e-mail or accessing their account in the website.
  • Watch the whole message history: By taking a look at the old conversations with specific time and content included (in My Tickets), the customers can follow the solving process much easier.


There are numerous benefits that the Help Desk Extension can bring about for online merchants. The most vibrant advantage is that this extension will optimize your workflow, save time, save money, give your staff convenience, satisfy your customers and gain more profits for the whole company.


All-in-one: From now on, the storeowners are able to manage easily all customers’ issues in only one channel. No matter where the opinions and requests come from (Help desk e-mail gateway, Contact form or Customer’s Account), they are collected completely and tackled in the Help Desk’s back-end interface.

Solve urgent tickets first based on Priorities:

There are a great deal of tickets sent to the system everyday that might make the support team feel extremely confused. Understanding about that, the extension allow you to Sort all tickets based on their Priorities set by the customers (High to Low) or Filter (High, Medium or Low) to decide which tickets are urgent and need to be handled first.

However, since most of the buyers always want their problems resolved first, they tend to set “High” for Priorities. Therefore, in the back-end, the staff can reedit the Priorities in order to classify the tickets more accurately.

Set Priority for Tickets

Create Quick Responses Templates

Easy to update and respond to new tickets:

  • Receive notifications immediately when tickets are added: When the customers send tickets through their e-mail, account or contact form, the ticket management in the back-end will be updated immediately. At the same time, there is a notification of new ticket displayed in the e-mail of the support team, which help them to be on track and make timely responses. Afterwards, they can choose to respond through either e-mail or in the back-end.
  • Reply tickets rapidly with “Quick responses”: To minimize burden for the support team, the extension enables them to insert one of Quick responses – a bank of templates created on the back-end – into the message with several modifications (if any). These templates can be short (a sentence) or long (a complete email).

Assign tickets to proper departments and staff:

  • Create department list in the back-end: The administrator are allowed to create unlimited departments and import staff for these departments. Each division will be followed with a short description that appears on the ticket submission form as customer guideline.
  • Distribute tickets according to Departments: The administrator can add as many email addresses as he wants and assign these to appropriate departments. Then, the module can read mail inbox and parse tickets to assigned departments owing to Mail Parsers feature.
    When submitting the tickets, the buyers are obliged to select a department to support them. Owing to that, the employees will realize which problems that their divisions are responsible to deal with. In case that the customers picked a wrong department, the administrator or the support team can also adjust the ticket’s destination at ease.
    Furthermore, it is allowed to set up login requirement for customers before sending tickets for some certain departments in order for more effective ticket distribution.
 Assign tickets to Departments

Create a tight Spam protection system:

With the Block List feature, the administrator can prevent all intentional annoying persons that might be either the customers or competitors from sending tickets to the system.


Automatically checking status and closing inactive tickets:

This feature will save a lot of time from searching and deleting inactive tickets.

First, if there is nothing occurs after Inactivity time, the system can send a notification to the customers (they can send message/create another ticket to continue getting support if any).

Then if there is still no activity for the ticket after Closure time, that ticket will be closed automatically and a final closure notification will be sent to the clients at the same time.

Auto close Tickets



Being informed about current employees’ workload and productivity:
Through the record of all tickets combined with filtering feature according to Department and time of Created, the manager can easily see the quantity of tickets that a Department and each staff of that Department have to deal with in a certain period (workload).
When keep applying the above method but seeing further at Status, the manager can simultaneously find out total number of tickets solved per agent out of total number of tickets received from customers (productivity).
Controlling interaction between the support team and clients:
Staff’s attitude and manners when communicating with the customers is a fundamental factor deciding quality of the service. Hence, the Help Desk provides the administrator ability to see all of the history conversations between the support team and the buyers. Due to that, the manager are able to get an overview of how their staff respond to tickets, talk with clients and handle tough problems and so on.
Other Features
  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meet Magento programming practices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free update
  • Monthly updated with new and great features
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Release Notes

Latest version: 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0

Date: January 27, 2016

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