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Free Stuff

  1. Featured Products

    Featured Products

    Advertising specific products on your homepage is achieved professionally and effectively with our Featured Products extension.

  2. Related Products by Category

    Related Products by Category

    Provide a better way to navigate related products if you have a big catalog. Related categories are displayed on the product page and customers can view related products of that product by clicking on the category.

  3. Flat Rate Shipping per Product

    Flat Rate Shipping per Product

    Flat Rate Shipping per Product extension provides you the flexibility to specify a flat rate shipping amount for each product in your Magento store.

  4. Homepage Banner Popup

    Homepage Banner Popup

    Homepage banner popup can be regarded as a banner management tool, adding the ability for Magento online stores to display different advertisements in their website’s homepage.

  5. Magento Advanced Review

    Magento Advanced Review

    Display review lists and forms on the product detail page and prevent spam review by adding recaptcha to the forms.

  6. Magento Mailchimp Newsletter

    Magento Mailchimp Newsletter

    Magento mailchimp newsletter extension allows customers to subscribe with their email. Their email address will go directly to Mailchimp email list. This is a "must" extension if you are using Mailchimp for your email newsletter system.

  7. Upload Check Payment Method

    Upload Check Payment Method

    This Free extension adds a new payment method to your Magento store. It is quite similar to Check / Money Order, but allows customers to upload a scanned check as payment proof.

  8. Quick Contact

    Quick Contact

    A free and useful addition to your support services, This Quick Contact extension provides an easy way for you to follow through with your customers after their purchases or dealings with your business through a simple contact form.

  9. Featured Category

    Featured Category

    Our Featured Category module is a helpful way to filter customer's attention to special categories that need increased sales and viewers.

  10. Banner Slider

    Banner Slider

    An effective and eye catching addition to your online shop, our Banner Slider extension will help you create professional image sliders for advertising your products.

  11. Magento Car Parts Theme

    Magento Car Parts Theme

    Our Car Parts theme is designed for Magento stores selling auto related parts and accessories. The design is clean, professional and user-friendly; a perfect choice for e-commerce sites needing an auto or mechanical theme.

  12. Fishing Store

    Fishing Store

    This free Magento theme is a keeper for your online store for fishing related products.

  13. Category Sidebar Navigation

    Category Sidebar Navigation

    The Category Sidebar Navigation is a simple tool for your Magento Store appearance, allowing you to move the categories navigation to the left or right column.

  14. Computer Store

    Computer Store

    Featuring a modern design and feel, this Computer Store template is compatible with any online shop selling computer related items.

  15. Product Slider

    Product Slider

    Product slider is a free module developed for improving the available advertising space on your website. With this module, you have more options in featuring special products and services on your homepage.

  16. Free Testimonial

    Free Testimonial

    Another no-cost extension for your Magento store, this Free Customer Testimonial extension enables customers to leave reviews on your products.