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Generate great volume of sales everyday with Featured Products Extension

The Featured Products Extension will help storeowners to boost sales owing to concentrate on selling what are most beneficial for them. Various items in your online stores, from bestselling to unmarketable ones, are able to be “out of stock” rapidly by utilizing our great extension wisely and effectively.

  • Create separately groups of items to boost sales
  • Display featured products in eye-catching positions
  • Customize product information displayed in each block
  • Add products instantly to shopping cart
  • Add as many blocks as needed in the page
  • Set blocks wisely to enhance up-selling and cross-selling


To begin with, the Featured products includes items that storeowners aspire to increase sales dramatically. The reason might be that these products can bring enormous profits for the company. Inversely, in many cases the producers want to sell some items quickly because those have been remaining on the shelves for a long time. Selling all of the old products (with discount prices) would help owners to recover least their principal.
Nevertheless, how to deal with the two above issues always is a headache problem for the firm. If your enterprise has to encounter a similar handicap, our Featured Products Extension is an ideal solution for you.


Display featured products in eye-catching positions

If you want the customers to buy some certain products, first and foremost you need to let your products catch their eyes. By utilizing the Featured Products Extension, all of your selected items will be demonstrated in the most eye-catching positions in your e-commerce website to draw shoppers’ attention. Also, the number of products appearing in the slider as well as the horizontal/vertical layout types can be customized at ease in the back-end.

You can choose to show your intended products on the Home, Category Listing, Product or any specific CMS pages.

Moreover, in each page, there are also varied places such as sidebar main top/bottom, menu top/bottom, page bottom and so on.

Among of that, the Homepage-Content-Top position might be considered as the most popular one.

Varied positions to show featured products

Furthermore, you can not only select only one position but also combine many options to strengthen its effectiveness. However, remember that excessive images might bring about reverse effects since they make the visitors feel offensive and annoyed. Hence, using only one or two blocks of featured items is a wise selection for the storeowners.

Stimulate instant purchases due to Ajax-cart integration and appealing information

Ajax Cart integration

In the back-end, you can easily enable the Ajax-cart feature in order to display add-to-cart buttons directly under the featured product images. As a result, the customers can make their purchases as soon as seeing these items on the site without reloading the page.

Besides, you can freely decide whether product price, ratings and views and so on will be displayed or not to support sales. It is no doubt that highly rated products with positive reviews tend to attract more customers. Especially, for the items sold with discount prices, showing their prices right under product images is indispensable to stimulate buying.

In addition, the block title and product sizes can be adjusted depending on your purposes. For example, the title can be changed to “Top Rated”, “Recently Added”, “Top Sellers”, “Most Viewed”, “On Sale” and so on.

Improving both Up-selling and Cross-selling

Featured products enhance up-selling

If you set the right products in the right places, there are high probability that the customers would buy more items or at least spend more time to discover other products in your site. For instance, you can set a block of products that belongs to same product type but with higher value to what clients have chosen at the Shopping Cart or Checkout pages to magnetize them to buy what are more profitable for the storeowners (up-selling).

Featured products enhance cross-selling

At the same time, by setting a block of supplementary products next to the main ones on the Category or Product page, it might help to suggest the buyers some “necessary” items that they have not considered. Consequently, the shopping carts would be filled more and more items unintentionally (cross-selling). Hence, with the Featured Products Extension you can absolutely “seduce” the shoppers to buy “more than what they need”.

Other Features
  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meet Magento programming practices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free update
  • Monthly updated with new and great features
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Version 1.0.0

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