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Are you looking for a new shipping method for your Magento store?

Then if you are thinking about setting up another shipping method, a very appealing offer is now available for you called Flat Rate Shipping per Product.


Let’s see what values you can benefits from using this small module:

Flat Rate Shipping per Product is a free extension which adds a new shipping method to your Magento store. It is useful for store owners who require a simple shipping method or wish to set different shipping costs for certain products available in their stores.

Such a module gives you the ability to set a default rate for one or all products as well as enter different shipping rates for each product. By this way, Flat Rate Shipping per Product will calculate the total shipping charge when your customers go to checkout.


- Add a new shipping method in the checkout process

- Allow to assign flat shipping rates for each product in the product listing

- Ability to set default shipping cost
Apart from unique prices for specific products, the rest items will be shipped at the given default rate.

- Admin can set a default flat rate and different rate for each product.
If there are 2 or more products in cart, the shipping rate equals to total shipping rate of each product.

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