What Social Bookmarking means in SEO?

Bookmarking can be simply understood as marking up a social website that helps Internet users to store, manage and search for their favorite web pages never easier as well as enables them to share this bookmark with friends based on classified keywords. Users can view all the links that have been grouped according to keywords, topics or thanks to the support of search engines.

How easy it is! You now can save time and shorten repeating actions by clicking the “bookmark” icon available on the website (if installed). A very handy storage box, isn’t it?

Benefits of social bookmarking

Nowadays, social bookmarking has become a powerful tool for SEO experts for its unique features as following:

The first feature lies at bookmark share which not only enables the marked link to be public to everyone but brings a respectable number of visitors back to your site as well.

Another thing I found highly interesting in Social Bookmarking is its interconnection. For example, when you share any link in a social bookmarking like Digg, it will immediately be connected to your friends via other social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc. Obviously, only one click can make your link available in multiple social networks, pushing the connection value many times up.

The more bookmarks a link gets, the better value. Also it is a signal for search engines to pay special attention to your site, then improving its rank in Google.


An example of link categories on Digg

It can be referred from the above image as below:

- There are two kinds of link: Internal link to the articles on Gizmodo & the other link redirected to your post named Dofollow link which is in connection with the title of your article; therefore, such a link can put influence on the ranking of your page.

If you don’t yet have a social account, it’s high time for you to join as many social networks as possible. First, you are required to create an account in social networks so that you can login & manage your links more efficiently.  After that, you can freely submit your favorite links onto these websites.

Here is the list of top 50 social bookmark networks in the world:

•          Slashdot.org

•          Digg.com

•          Technorati.com

•          delicious.com

•          Reddit.com

•          Tagza.com

•          Fark.com

•          Newsvine.com

•          swik.net

•          Connotea.org

•          Links Marker

•          Sphinn.com

•          Blinklist.com

•          Faves.com

•          Mister-wong.com

•          Spurl.net

•          Netvouz.com

•          Diigo.com

•          Backflip.com

•          Bibsonomy.org

•          Folkd.com

•          Linkagogo.com

•          Indianpad.com

•          Plugim.com

•          Myjeeves.ask.com

•          Buddy Marks

•          Connectedy

•          MyLinkVault

•          Tip’d (Financial)

•          Google Bookmarks

•          Jumptags.com

•          Fetch

•          OYAX

•          A1 Webmarks

•          Bookmark Tracker

•          myVmarks

•          Mixx.com

•          Wirefan.com

•          Boomarking.com

•          SmakNews (Women)

•          Dizzed

•          Symbaloo

•          Ximmy

•          Karmalynx.com

•          iZeby

•          Erollover

•          YuppMarks

•          Health Ranker

•          Ka-Boom-It.com

And some Social Bookmarking Dofollow:­­

•   Mister-wong.com

•   Blinklist.com

•    Spurl.net

•    Diigo.com

•    Backflip.com

•    Bibsonomy.org

•    Linkagogo.com

•    Myjeeves.ask.com

•    Buddy Marks

•    Connectedy

•    MyLinkVault

•   Jumptags.com

•    OYAX

•    A1 Webmarks

•    Bookmark Tracker

•    myVmarks

•   Boomarking.com

•    SmakNews (Women)

•    http://dizzed.com

•   Karmalynx.com

•    iZeby

•    Health Ranker

Hopefully, this article can help you understand part of the benefits of Social Bookmarking, then find out the most effective methods to improve traffic volume together with keyword ranking for your website.