Top 6 Magento Extensions in 2016

Obviously, all businesses are going to be online to sell their products or services around the world. To some extent, such development must say “Thank you” to the Magento platform which offers an amazing environment for any online store to improve their productivity. Being an open-source platform, Magento is known for being better for its stability and dependability. As a result, it becomes more compulsory for every business to adopt some tools to boost  their sales volume. Magento is also beneficial for store owners as it enhances the visibility of their website and offer wonderful user-experience.

Should have you already got a Magento website and you are expecting to expand its capability by adding new features, make sure to opt for Magento extensions that are highly well-known for its range of benefits. In this post, some great bestseller Magento extensions that provide you help in managing your e-commerce-related tasks efficiently will be listed.

1. Daily Deal


Daily Deal is an inevitable module for any online Magento store. This extension allows the administrator to create different promotional campaigns for any product in the store. It enriches your deal site to encourage customers by setting the discount price and length of time below each deal and showing how much money they can save. Also, it enables new deals to be displayed regularly; therefore, customers can’t help checking your site everyday. Particularly, customers can share the deals in their social networks including Facebook or Twitter and help your Magento store more popular.

2. Store Locator


Providing that you have already set up multiple locations or you are currently in need of expanding your business into new markets, the Store Locator extension is an ideally useful Magento extension to support your customers in their purchases.

In another case, customers coming to your website and desiring to buy your products, the Store Locator allows them to view the detailed information about your dealers and find out the nearest stores on their automatically detected locations by using Google Maps.

3. Affiliate


This is another impressive and unavoidable plugin for any website! Thanks to affiliate marketing, you can gain both traffic and sales volume to your website by bringing in new customers through affiliate referrals.

The Affiliate extension also allows you to award commission rates to affiliate accounts that produce results, motivating them to promote your products and get your name out there. It is both the stores and customers getting benefited with this kind of module.

4. Newsletter Popup


An excellent tool to optimize your newsletter system!Newsletter Popup extension acts as a turnkey solution which provides you help in achieving more subcribers  for your system by a newsletter form on your homepage. In other words, it is now easy for you to attract leading customers who are actually interested in your services and products.

5. Events Calendar


An outstanding events management plugin to any Magento store! The Events Calendar modules is created to wind all problems away by providing a comprehensive solution to manage your store’s events in a highly flexible manner instead of hiring any additional resource. All events are displayed in a Calendar formatted page and a separate page with a SEO URL shows the event details.

6. Product Questions

Ideal plugin to change the visibility of the website from awkward-looking to awesome-looking one. It doesn’t require any technical assistance or coding experience to use this extension. It is a simple to use extension with brilliant features. Find more encouraging information about this extension from the site.




I love the number "7' and also strong believe these extensions widely cover most aspects of what an eCommerce website could need and thus, are must haves for your online website. They are not only cost-friendly but also help manage your site in a much easier manner,  then ultimately creating an increase in your sales volume and customer satisfaction as well.

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  • krish
    krish on July 2, 2013 at 2:12 pm said:

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    Hope this extension will help you to create feature list.

  • Simon

    Awesome list; and I must admit, I visit most of these at least once a week as well. Also, as far as Inbound Marketing goes, I would also recommend checking out Daily Deal.
    Thanks for sharing ,have a nice day.

  • srikanth

    It's really nice article , What I personally feel after viewing the list of top listed module in the article . Hope you had missed some of the magento extension like magento advanced premium promotion etc in the list check out the magento extension