Top 5 free Magento extensions by Magebuzz

One of the successful factors for a business, besides a high revenue and sales, is the satisfaction of customers. Once your business image is in their mind, happy customers can give a good recommendation about your quality products and services to others.

Particularly, in e-commerce field, if you want to satisfy your customers with the best shopping experience, here is the list of our top 5 free Magento extensions that I want to share with you.

1. Category Sidebar Navigation

You want to change the traditional style of the categories menu in your Magento store? This extension is the perfect solution! With an easy process, which can be done in one setting page, from choosing the sidebar position, category depth and show type with various choices for each; this is a simple tool which allow you to customize your online store to be more attractive.

2. Free Testimonial

Testimonials on a website show the customers satisfaction with your business. They can leave comments about your products and services and it convinces potential customers to buy your products by comments of past and current customers. This no-cost extension allows customers to add feedback in the frontend and in the backend, you can manage and publish testimonials. In addition, you can avoid spam posting and unwanted advertising with a simple captcha library.

3. Price Margin

Customer loyalty plays an important role in business. Incentive programs for patrons are the best way to encourage them to stay longer with your store. An effective way that motivate customers to become loyal ones is giving them a chance to take advantage in price compared to others. Understand that, we developed the Price Margin extension which allows you to set a different price for specific customer or a customer group. Your customers are required to login in order to take the benefits for shopping with cheaper price.

4. Free Text Search

When customers visit your online store, which offer multiple products and services, they will confuse by looking for what they want even with menu navigation. With our Free Text Search extension, your customers just need to enter key words in a simple search input field. Moreover, they can also search your database by manufacturer, product SKU. That saves shoppers time and gives them a better chance to find exactly what they need.

5. Featured Products

You have special products that you need to boost sales, but you don’t know how to draw customers’ attention to them. The Featured Products extension is here! By using this extension, you can show all your chosen products statically in order to attract customers and make them click on the products and explore all its features. Your sales will be improved and your customers can know more about your products with the assistance of this extension.

All these extensions on this list are downloaded the most on Magebuzz site and also received a lot of positive feedbacks. There are still more awesome extensions in our store. Don't miss the chance to experience all the benefits for your business!