3 Secrets to Enhance Customer Service

Knowing what customers are thinking and desire is always regarded as the most important factor in any customer care strategy. Only when you catch the real expectations of your customers, you can offer them the most effective and thoughtful service. Here are some elements believed to contribute to your successful building of a solid customer care system.

1. Employees

In fact, good customer service employees are natural problem solvers. They can find solutions that benefit both your company and the customers. Moreover, they also know how to focus on what the customer needs even she/he gets upset. Your company's ability to maintain long-term relationships with your clients lies in your representatives' ability to solve customers' problems and have them continue to buy products from your company. As a result, when you recruit employees for your customer service team, you should be certain to hire the right people.

So who are good customer service representatives?

- They are the employees who are friendly, honest and enthusiastic. When customers communicate with you directly or indirectly, they wish to get the warmest responses. People who naturally have a more positive outlook are more likely to treat a customer well. To understand this concept, you should place yourself in the position of a customer and experience similar feelings.

- They know to respect and listen to customers. It is so important when customers realize that your employees are listening to them instead of trying to give explanations or cutting short their sayings.

- They are flexible and proactive people. Such employees rarely pour out the sentences like “No” or “We can not do this.’ In contrast, they often drive customers to the things they can do.

- They are equipped with good knowledge and skills. Only when you excel at what you are in charge of, you can become a good presenter for your products. And this case is not exceptional.

So what should you do?

- First make sure that you have recruited the right people for your customer care team.

- Training: Even the best customer service employees still benefit from training, so you should invest in regular training sessions for every member in your customer service group. These training sessions should include experience to communicate with hard customers, problem-solving situations and team working.

- Reward employees: Praise and recognition are the most common rewards that companies use to recognize outstanding performance. So why are you not using it? In addition to money, any other options like a dinner at a restaurant, small gift or certificate to the employee who made achievements will make her/him feel a part of the customer care system.

- Teamwork: Consistently, providing good customer service is very much dependent on a team effort. Every single department and every individual in the company must be absolutely committed to the task as well as be supportive of other "team" members. Your responsibility is to control the whole group and assign tasks among the departments in order to optimize the capabilities of individuals and efficiency of customer service.

2. Products and services

Clearly, nothing is worse for a business than allowing a poor quality product to go to the market. A company is only as strong as the quality of goods and services it produces and in fact, customers are less likely to make a purchase if the product or service fails to meet their expectations. Therefore, make sure that you are totally confident to release a product or service to the market.

Along with the stormy development of science and technology, our living standards are also on an increase. In other words, the demands for products and services are more diversified. In such a context, price is no longer the sole concern and quality becomes the most effective tool for enterprises to compete with each other.

It is a must that you keep improving the quality of your products and services so as to maintain the network of familiar customers and attract potential newcomers as well, then expanding your business scale and prestige.

3. After-sales services

-  Follow up with customers to see if they are satisfied with their purchase.

Many people complain that they never hear from a company again after they buy. Or, when they do, it’s just because that the company is trying to sell them something else. Show that you offer your customers with post-sales support and warranty service through the ways as following:

+ Never ignore your customers’ calls after any deal

+ Be proactive in making a call to ask your customers whether your product or service meet their expectations or not.

+ Create a section in your website where the customers can register their complaints and problems. In this case, your employees should take a prompt action on the customer’s queries and deliver the solutions to the problems as soon as possible.

+ Collect responses of the products and services from the customers through polls. Feedback helps the organization to know the customers better and make necessary changes for better customer satisfaction.

- Show your appreciation for the customer after the sales

There are various ways for you to express your appreciation to the customer; for instance, through a birthday card, thank you card,  special offer, freebie or a promotion program, etc. Consistently, it’s a genuine show of thanks to gain another sale because customers often highly value being appreciated. So below are the most common ways to follow:

+ To offer customers with promotion programs

+ To make sure they are in connection with new updates or new products released by your company

+ To send them congratulations or special gifts on their special days or public holidays

In conclusion, remember that you have to over-deliver and give people more than they expect. Surprising your customers with good customer service from the moment they call you or land on your website until well after they’ve received their purchase is the best way to get them coming back and to get them to tell others about you.

                                                                                                                                        Made by Nancy Do on 5 June, 2013

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