Social Login: Instant login via social accounts


Studies have shown that website registration forms are inefficient as many people provide false data, forget their login information or decline to register in the first place. Social Login is a set-up that lets customers log into your website by using a preferred social network account like Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo account rather than have to create and register a new account and password.

We are happy to announced that the Social Login extension has been successfully released. This new module allows customers to easily sign up or log in to your Magento store via their social accounts.

And now I am going to detail some of the key extension features:

  • Customers can choose their own social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google to log in your store. In detail, Social Login eliminates the need for users to fill out traditional registration forms and remember  another username and password to access your site.
  • Customers are allowed to log in your site by using their social accounts and Magento account in the pop up. Right after the first time your customer logins with social channels, a normal account will be created and the login details will be sent to their email.
  • A 'Social Login' option is available on Magento's checkout page. In case a customer wants to buy your products and hasn’t got any account in your site yet, a 'Social Login' option can be an alternative option for him

You can find the full list of Social Login features on our Magento extension page. Feel free to play with this module in our Live Demo. 

Made by Nancy Do