Search for CMS pages in Magento

Actually, this is not a tutorial post but it will be a very useful information if you want to search for cms pages in Magento. This feature can be done easily with our Magento Free Text Search extension.

By installing this module, you can achieve the following features:

  • Replace Magento Search by Ajax-based search
  • Return suggested search result when customers start typing
  • Include relevant CMS pages in search result
  • Configurable product attributes to search for

Here are some features of the module in backend:

  • Enable / Disable attributes to search for: product sku, manufacturer, description in backend.
  • Enable / Disable ajax quick search in backend.
  • Allows admin to configure number of results to show in ajax quick search.
  • Enable / Disable to search for CMS pages.

We now give away this module to all customers. It is now FREE for downloading at our web store. Please visit our Free Text Search extension page for downloading.