Dear our beloved customers,

We are writing to send our warmest thanks to you for having followed Magebuzz during the past time. That our products and services have been improved, to some extent, is dependent on your support & contribution. And Promotion is one way for us to express our gratitude.

As you can see, three new extensions were successfully released last May including Out of Stock Notification, Youtube Video and Social Login. Moreover, we have already made updates for the five existing modules, that are, Category Sidebar Navigation, Free Testimonial, Daily Deal, Dealer Locator and Events Calendar.

In June, we plan to keep upgrading for the four extensions ranging from Affiliate, Simple Checkout and Reward Points to Shop by Manufacturer so that they will be the best and most friendly products to your hands.

Simultaneously, we will also offer you a 30% discount for any purchase of the above-mentioned modules within this month. Don’t hesitate any longer. Make an order and enjoy the Promotion!

Made by Nancy Do on 5 June, 2013