Private Sales

As you know, private sales is developing as a popular trend in online retail market which always offer discount or name brand merchandise to "members". And we ensure that you already know how it make your e-business successful, really impressive. Thus, we introduce our Private Sales to help you ease the private sales method application. Now, we will tell you how it is helpful for you.

- Private Sales creates the flexibility in managing catalog access by setting permission for each customer group to view a specific product or category

- Private Sales helps you generate sale events with banner and time counter in product page or category. That is an awesome technique for attracting more customers.

- Private Sales helps you force user to login if you use this feature.

- Private Sales helps you get more customers by allowing customers to invite a specific number of friends or sending email invitation to new customers.

Maybe this post only makes you understand a part of our private sales. To get more detail, you can make a tour to our Magebuzz Store and try the demo. Finally, we hope this post make sense to you.