Outstanding extension of July - Product Attachment for Magento 2


Nowadays, persuading customers to make a purchase is much harder than ever because of severe competitions between companies, both online and offline.

For online storeowners in particular:

  • Do you want to stand out among other competitors?
  • Do you want to become more professional in the customers’ eyes?
  • Do you want to “seduce” more and more buyers to click on “add to cart” button in your store?
  • Do you want your Product Page become more lively and full of appealing information?
  • Do you want to enhance customers’ experience in your store?

If you say “Yes” to any above questions, let have a look at our great new extension – Magento Product Attachment and find out what it can bring for you:

Create from a big picture to a detailed description of the products

The Product Attachment Extension brings an ideal solution to you become more professional and trustworthy in the eyes of customers. It gives you a chance to provide the shoppers full product information with various types of file. Owing to these useful attachments, the buyers might have more confidence as well as interest in your shop and finally “add more items to their shopping cart”.

  • Attach a wide range of files with diverse file types
  • Help customers gain better understanding about your products
  • Establish advanced file download permissions
  • Manage all uploaded file easily and effectively


Provide your customers product information from A to Z

In several surveys, it is proved that an important factor that make the customers hesitate to buy a product is lacking of information. However, by utilizing the Product Attachment Extension, that barrier would be taken off absolutely, strengthening buyers’ trust. The reason is that this wonderful Magento Extension allows you to upload countless files to your Product Page from document file such as User Guide, Tutorials/ Instruction Manuals, Certificates, Privacy Policy, Promotional Programs to Videos, and so on.


Besides, the buyers usually requires a Quality Assurance Certificate for some certain products to prevent mistakes or defects. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to prove the customers your products’ quality.For several complicated products, it is immensely necessary to offer a detailed instruction for the users, showing step-by-step to use the items. The more simple your tutorials are, the higher probability your goods are added to cart.

Another great idea is to attach your Promotional Program wisely among other files, which will definitely draw the customers’ attention and stimulate their purchases.

Furthermore, to make your products become more lively, the Product Attachment Extension enables you to upload videos with URL link.


Easily attach with plentiful of file upload options

The Product Attachment Extension supports countless number of file types, including: "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "png", "bmp", "txt", "csv", "htm", "html", "xml", "css", "doc", "docx", "xls", "rtf", "ppt", "pdf", "swf", "flv", "avi", "wmv", "mov", "wav", "mp3", "zip" and many more.

On the other hand, you can upload file quickly by using URLs instead of uploading file directly from your computer.



Manage all the files uploaded wisely and effectively

Establish download permission for different customer groups: The extension gives you a through authority to decide which attached files can be seen by each group of visitors in your website. There are four customer groups including: people who do not log in, general buyers, wholesales and retailers. What you have to do is to select one more among these groups that have right to see a certain file. In case that your shop restricts non-registered visitors from downloading the files, which can motivate them significantly to log in.

Name the files immediately in the back-end: You will no long worry about editing all file names before uploading, just add the label that you want to display in the front-end. This convenience will definitely help you to save a lot of time.

Sort priority for all the files: By dragging up/down the marks on the left of the label, you can easily change the order of displaying files. The basic and fundamental files should be on the first places and files containing additional product information had better go after.

Monitor attachment visibility: You are able to hide/unhide your files at ease by choosing “Yes” or “No” in the Visible section. In many cases, you can temporarily want to hide a document from view and save it for next time, using that feature will avoid you from re-uploading time after time. Otherwise, you can delete the file permanently by clicking on the bin icon or add more files by clicking on “Add new attachment” at the bottom.


Enhance customer experience when accessing your files:

This is an immensely handy feature that allows users to have a look at your product attachments directly in their browsers without downloading the files. Specifically, when the customers clicking on the download link on your Product Page, it will be opened automatically in a new tab. Normally, people hate wasting their time to delete files that they find useless after downloading. Hence, let your buyers see the attachment files online and only download if they are in need will bring them a great deal of satisfaction.


To download or get more information of the extension, click Here.