[Hot Release] Order Tracking for Magento 2

Order Tracking Extension for Magento 2 - MageBuzz


Although tracking order status is one of the core functions of Magento, it is very simple and even quite boring for users. Owing to that, MageBuzz Store has released the Order Tracking Extension for Magento 2 with the aim of bringing a fresh customer experience in online stores. Especially, on the first release week (from November 14-21), you can possess this great extension with an incredible price - just $29.99 (while Actual Price is $49.00).

Up to now, there have been several similar extensions but all of them are for Magento 1. On the other hand, some developers also create order tracking extensions for Magento 2 but serving for store owners only. Because all of that, the Order Tracking from MageBuzz can be considered as the FIRST and leading Magento 2 tracking extension in the current e-commerce market.

By using this Magento 2 Order Tracking Status Extension, the customer experience in the online stores would be raised to a higher level since:

  • The buyers don’t need to sign in to access their order status and related information.
  • It requires only Order ID and customer email address to instantly track order.
  • The system will automatically retrieve order information to show in front-end with the help of Ajax
  • There is a well-designed tracking status bar presenting each state of the order on the tracking page in comparison to the current boring single word telling the status of core (pending/ progressing/ complete).
  • The admin can freely customize tracking bar (colors and labels) to match store theme and style.

To find more information and buy the extension, please click Here.