[Updated] Price Match, Shop by Manufacturer, Testimonial

We are always try to work hark to bring you - our clients quality products. As the result, we not only develop new products, but also improve our released products. And now, after one month hard working, we complete to add more features for Magento modules: Price Match, Shop by Manufacturer and Testimonial.

Price Match

- Better layout of price match in product page.

- Ability to add a Price Match Guarantee label in the top of Price Match button.

- Ability to add text for introduction about Price Match.

- Better layout of price match popup form

- Add fields for phone and skype.

Shop by Manufacturer

- Support multiple store.

- Update manufacturer when deleting manufacturer option.

- Fix issue which does not show pager in product listing of a manufacturer.


- Allow to display testimonial in sidebar.

- Add pager in testimonials listing page.

- Allow customers to post image when submitting testimonial.

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