Multiple Order Email is now open to you!


Have you found that your order confirmation email is too general and experiencing a lack of specific details or instructions to customers? Also you are in need of an order email classifier which can support you in placing multiple confirmation emails to different customer groups & product categories.

Multiple Order Email is developed to allow you to send better confirmation emails to different customers at the same time. The content of these emails may differ from each other in customer groups or product categories and you can easily create multiple email templates in the back end. In other words, this Magento module is just developed to keep things easier than ever.


  • Email template:

- Allow admin to create email templates at ease

- Enable to add & edit content for email templates

- Allow to set up priority for each email template

- Ability to assign emails to multiple products or customer groups

In the back end, the Magento store owner is enabled to create email templates by going to System > Transaction Emails. Here you can add full information like subject, description & category to new templates. After that, it is a must that you assign these emails to specific products or customer group.

  • Email rules:

- Allow admin to create multiple email rules with different email templates

Each rule goes with an email template. When an order is made and its features match a specific rule pre-set in the back end, the correspondent email will be sent to the purchaser.

- Ability to select specific customer groups and product categories for each email rule

Obviously, there are a number of items available in your online store. Also, customers coming to your shop belong to different groups. Email rules are based on selecting one or more customer groups & product categories.