Magento Product Labels Extension

Hello everyone,

We are happy to release Magento Product Labels extension. This extension will be a great add-on helping you boost your sales by displaying labels on product and category page.

Magento Product Labels

Why you should use Magento Product Labels?

Imagine that customers see your products and they are attracted by outstanding information such as: sales off, bestseller or low quantity...? It will be sure to motivate customers for purchase those products.

Magento Product Labels features

The main feature of Magento Product Labels extension is to add label into product images which will be displayed in your frontend. You can upload different image for category and product page. You can also add custom text displaying above the label image and make custom style for it.

Upload label for a bulk of products

With this module, you can create many rules for displaying label. It can be done by 2 simple steps:

1. Upload your label image

2. Create product condition: you can choose a category, product sku, created date... Products which meet this condition will have label displayed on their image.

Upload label for a specific product

You can upload label for a product when you edit that product. In Product Labels tab, you can upload label image and add custom text if you want.

You can find out more information at our product page

Or play the module at product demo page.