[Updated] Gallery Media Extension V 0.1.3


Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that our Magento Gallery Media extension which is regarded as a very useful tool for many online stores has been upgraded to V 0.1.3. Our new version is believed to surpass other extensions of the same kind. If you find it hard to believe, just explore them, you will change your mind!

In comparison with the Version 0.1.2, the Gallery Media V 0.1.3 covers the additional features as followings:

- Support multiple image upload

What is now more interesting is that the function “multiple upload” embraced in the latest version enables the admin to upload as many images for one album as he wants at the same time. Besides, a so-called Flash Uploader makes the image & video uploading never become faster thanks to no requirement for any additional external file.

- Allow users to play videos or view images using lightbox

You can turn on the “lightbox” in the front-end which allows customers to view videos or images quickly. This new function is believed to bring your customers comfortable feelings while watching your galleries, and then encourage them to buy your products.

If you already owned this module, you can easily go to My Account Dashboard in our website to download the update. In case you are on the way looking a similar one, it’s a good chance for you to have Gallery Media V 0.1.3 in your hands.

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