Magento 1.9 shopping cart price rules issue

Hello, I just got a weird problem about Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules in some days ago. I created a coupon code of one client as I would like to give him a different discount for purchasing many products at one time. I wanted only one coupon code can be applied if his cart satisfies more than one rules. Therefore, I set "Stop Further Rules Processing" to Yes. Well, the problem was that Magento calculated discount on only the first item and gave a wrong discount.


I tried to create the same rule on Magento 1.8 and older versions, all worked well. So It must be the problem with Magento I had a search in Magento but it seems that people does not have the same problem.

Luckily, I found this: It is exactly what we need to fix this issue. Download it and install on Magento will solve the issue. The module does not change anything in database, so it is really safe to use. Thank Husseycoding for a great fix!