Magebuzz's Client: We Got Greatly More sales

Hello Magebuzz’s buddies!

We are happy to announce that Magebuzz has successfully set up an Interview section in our blog. Hope that this section will draw numerous replies from customers all over the world who expect to popularize their own story or express their desire for more experience sharing stories from others when using our products. Definitely, these stories become great motivations for us to improve our products for your betterment and foster our customers to share with you all more of their experience.

So what is the first interesting story we have for today?

LyleLet’s say “Hello” to Mr. Lyle, the store owner of He is going to reveal his successful business story by using Magebuzz’s extensions.

"I took a long time to think the new site through, and as we also took our time in implementing it. I could not have achieved the end result without Magezbuzz. They were my lifesavers!"

Mr Lyle - Owner of

Below is the talk between him and Nancy Do – an interview from Magebuzz:

Nancy Do: Thank you very much for accepting our interview invitation. Could you please introduce a little about store to everyone?

Lyle: is an online specialty food store to supply products to Expatriates living & working in Singapore.  As we are Expats ourselves, it puts us in touch with what people living abroad really need when it comes to food and other items they miss from home. Our site was launched to provide an easier way to find foods in Singapore for mainly Expats, but we have found that other nationalities are also making use of our site now that the word has spread.

Nancy: Why did you choose Magebuzz as your web solution provider?

Lyle: I had many difficult experiences with other freelance developers and I was looking for a company that had a good reputation. I installed some of Magebuzzs' free extensions and realized what great service I received. As I was just about to engage in in some custom projects, and after seeing what good work they did, I thought it would be prudent to approach Magebuzz.

Nancy Do: How many extensions by Magebuzz have you deployed till the moment?

Lyle: We have 8 in total, most of them being bespoke and custom written modules.

Nancy Do: Don’t you mind naming some remarkable modules that are supporting your online business?

Lyle: OK, Well I will rate them in Order:

1) Simple Checkout is a must, especially with a date/time delivery option is very crucial for my business...if I did not have this customers would find it very frustrating to use our site

2) Shop by Manufacturer: This is an ideal module giving me an edge in efficiently managing all brands of one product available in my store as well as helps save your customers’ time by creating & showing a page listing all the brands alphabetically.

3) Shopping List: This has proven very useful to my customers, as this engages them by emailing them their shopping lists on a regular basis. Again this is crucial for ongoing sales

And lastly, but probably the most important is the module that was rewritten by your developers to handle Module for Best before dates of food products, as well as place them in in different categories based on the these dates .

Nancy Do: I see that your current page is quite nice & professional. So I wonder whether you're totally satisfied with the features & design of our extensions?

Lyle: Yes, I’m totally pleased. I took a long time to think the new site through, and as we also took our time in implementing it. I could not have achieved the end result without Magezbuzz. They were my lifesavers!

Nancy Do: Lyle, is there any big changes in your business like sales volume, customer satisfaction & brand popularity after you decided to come up with using Magebuzz's products

Lyle: In all three we have seen a markled improvement...whereby customers have commented that the site looks, feels and works much smoother than before. This is evident in the amount of testimonials we receive from our customers on a weekly basis.

Nancy: As I know food always looks for eye-catching interface & design. Do u think that our extensions & templates design meet your requirements in this industry?

7-22-2013 10-58-59 AM

Homepage of

Lyle: Yes, most definitely!

Nancy Do: Could you please share your suggestion so that we can optimize our products in the coming time?

Lyle: A lot of the recommendations I have have already given to your manager, and they were conducted into the current site. Trust me if I have an idea to enhance your modules, you'll hear from me :)

Nancy Do: Have you worked with our supporters? How do you think about them?

I spent most of my time working with Mr. Neo. He responded to me with utter professionalism and dedication. The thing I liked most about him was that he "got it right away". Often trying to explain very technical requirements in electronic form without any verbal communication can be very challenging, but Neo knew exactly what I wanted first time around, and the rest they say is history.

Nancy Do: I totally agree with you. That's also the things I expect to speak out about our manager.

Thanks Lyle very much for an exciting conversation. We always wish you joy and prosperity in your business!

That’s the end of our show today.

Hope you all like it and see you again soon!