Launching a Magento site checklist


So I assume that you spent lots of time for building your Magento store: designing, coding, testing... Now it's an excited time to launch your website. Well, make sure that you should check all following things before launching. All of them are very simple and can be done easily via Magento backend.

1. Favicon

That is a very small icon which is next to your page title. It might look stupid if customers see a red Magento logo when visiting your store.

2. Page Title

Check if you still see Magento Commerce somewhere in your page title. You can edit page title for each product, category or CMS page. You can also set default page title by going to System > Configuration > General > Design > HTML Head

3. Contact Information

Be sure to update your store information and email address.

4. Transactional emails

Emails are very important. Customers will receive emails when they register, subscribe newsletter or purchase products. Magento emails use a default Magento logo and sample text. You need to personalize your brand by change this logo and text.

5. Invoice & Packing Slip Design

Go to Configuration section and upload your logo for invoice and packing slip (System > Configuration > Sales > Invoice and Packing Slip Design

6. Clear test data

Make sure you delete all test orders, customers that were created during development.

7. Cache

Go to System > Cache Management and enable all cache storage.

8. Google Analytics

Remember to enable Google Analytics. You can simply enter your account number and enable it in System > Configuration > Google API.

9. Google Sitemap

Magento also allows you to generate a Google sitemap which you can upload to your Google Webmaster page. You can do it by going to Catalog > Google Sitemap.

10. 404 page

Customers may be disappointed when seeing this page. You can update this page with some nice content in CMS > Manage Pages.

So here are just 10 things you should check before launching your Magento store. It does not mean ALL. Make sure that you check everything carefully, test, test and test... Wish you success!