Boost Sales For E-commerce Business (Part I)


Obviously, E-commerce has been developing well strongly over the past decade. At the moment, a majority of enterprises in the global have got their own website and keep trying to maximize its profits by using a wide range of marketing tools and tactics. If you’re an existing online store owner, you may be interested in these eCommerce tips that can push your sales volume over the edge. “Increase website traffic & boost your business, then watch your sales boom” is what I am going to tell you now!

Tip 1: Get your website be impressed

Definitely, visual impact is necessary to grab intention. You must win attention before you have the opportunity to say anything. So be sure that all contents & images in your website are managed in a simple, uniform & intelligent style so as for the innitial attension. At the same time, remember to use a strong call to get them to buy.

The more visitors come to your store, the higher profit you may get!

Tip 2: SEO makes your website Google-friendly

SEO can be known as changes that you can apply to help your website get ranked higher on the famous search engines and encourage them to visit your site.

So what you need to do first is to make good advantage of keywords for your products/services or blogs and many other available tools to have your store on the all front page of Google search results.

Besides keywords, images & video – the key factors help you collect an audience and attract more clicks, page views and conversion, nothing seems to match the power of the words (contents) in your website. These contents are included everywhere ranging from product description, knowledge-base to blog sharing,etc.

Tip 3: “Freebies & Promotions” never forget to attract a lot of customers

It can not be denied that among multiple marketing strategies, promotional discount is a good way to attract more potential customers to your site. There is nothing more rewarding for a customer than to receive a gift or discount when they make a purchase. Simply, human always love “free” in their mind.

As I can see, many businesses are using the timer countdown to run different promotional campaigns in their store.
By this way, your customers will be forced to purchase immediately before the discounts become expired, or can’t help checking your site everyday. Moreover, when they tend to buy any specific product, the attached free gifts may motivate them to make the purchasing decisions faster.

Tip 4: Satisfy customers with a faster checkout system

Do you know that the average abandoned cart rate is over 66%? Many customers abandon online shopping at the checkout page due to a complicated process. There's no reason why you can't do something about it now.

In order to save customers time and increase their convenience, you should keep your online checkout as simple as possible by removing unnecessary steps. At the moment, you can refer to “Simple Checkout” which enables your customers to push their payment up by simply login to checkout & have no trouble at all finalizing their purchase.

Tip 5: Affiliate campaigns help popularize your site

Apart from major marketing activities in your own site, affiliates are regarded as brokers who help drive more sales from their potential sources to your store. You don’t need to do anything besides looking for a prestiged referral and paying commission only for performance when a promotion results in an actual sale.

To sum it up, different online stores will have different strategies in making their sales better & creating their own competitiveness. However, above are five basic tips that every online store owner should know. We hope those tips will be useful for you to some extent. Please spread your thoughts and feelings in comments and see you again in Part 2 of this topic.