Boost Sales For E-commerce Business (Part II): Social Media


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In the last post, we have discussed about the most common essential tips regarding how to increase sales volume for e-commerce stores. However, there are so many marketing tactics available and you may wonder which one you should focus your efforts to gain the highest efficiency for your business. As a result, our topic has been proceeded and we could not help sharing with you one more useful tip called SOCIAL MEDIA.

Obviously, online selling is flourishing and one contributing factor that can not be missed is Social Media. An active social media presence is crucial to keep your business thriving and growing all time.


Currently, a great number of online stores and affiliates are relying on social media to build up their reputation and make it easier to earn money from multiple potential buyers.

At the same time, up to 75% of consumers globally use social media to learn about products and services. This figure is a compelling reason to be in the social sphere.


1. Communication improvement

We all know that social media platforms are well-known to have got numerous features and apps that make the communication among individuals and organizations easier than ever. Everyone can find new people, meet their friends and communicate with each other all over the world. Besides some traditional means of communication like emails, there are other opportunities to share and exchange information so quickly; for instance, video chat, through chat & direct messaging, etc. Especially thanks to the presence of mobile devices & smart phones, information can reach the contact person in a few seconds.

Should you’re still a stranger to social media, it’s high time for you set up a social network to expand your business not only locally but globally as well.

2. Sales engagement

Online stores can run their business proficiently and communicate with consumers from different parts of the world thanks to various social channels. Having your own social account as a seller will make you more approachable and trusthworthy.

By the use of social media channels, you can come up with multiple activities online to grab the attention of your customers and push them to make purchases. Meanwhile, you can offer the promotional campaigns available in your store. It is easy to post links or images of coupons for customer to access on their computer or mobile devices and make your customers never forget to check your site. Social networks are also the places where you can hold contests or meetings/seminars to attract more visitors to your site and make it more impressive. Or social medial simply provides you an edge to share your thoughts, news or business experience.

Never refuse to join social networks as you can be harming your business!

3. Cost effective

In comparison with other existing marketing channels, social media is less expensive because of four main reasons as following:

- “Word of mouth” effect

One of the biggest benefit that an business can enjoy from social networks is “viral effect” or “word of mouth”. Enrich your site with good content about your products or services and your fans will share it at no cost to you.

- It is nearly free

In fact, social media is inexpensive and as close to free as you expect. You will not be paying for your advertising campaigns on social media while any other marketing tools may take you a lot of time & money. Even compared with some free tools, social media is ranked the best to bring you more profits and especially you are the controller of such amounts.

- It is available on the web 24/7

It is so dangerous if something posted on the web stays there forever. Social media is an amazing approach to explore the web to get your message out in case you want your information readily available to prospective clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

- It offers unlimited reach!

Social media helps you reach an unlimited number of customers from all regions of the world. I can list you some examples. If you have developed a presence on Facebook, your page has potential to get more than 500 million users without doing additional work or paying any expense. The situation has no change for the case of Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.


Rather than think of social medial as a sales chanel, you are recommended to think of it as a way to engage your potential customers in an absolutely personal way.

Here are some tips you should employ to build up your social networks:

1. Determine the best chanel to connect

It is obvious that there are numerous social networks available on the web at the moment, so it’s a need to select the destinations which can bring you best efficiency.  The first choice that can not be missed is Facebook – the best arena for all business to consumer sales. Twitter is an appropriate platform for all kinds of sales while LinkedIn can be employed for sales of B2B products or services. If you sell products designed predominantly for women, you have to be on Pinterest. Tumblr also becomes an indispensable channel for any store to promote their items online.

7-2-2013 10-55-43 AM

   Example of “Like” for a marketing campaign of Coca Cola

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these above-mentioned social networks. Many other channels like blogs, directories or live chát are also amazing place to generate leads. What you need to do  now is to find out where your market is dominating and come there.

2. Make your followers become actual customers

Never wait until someone looks for you. Let yourself active by making friends or connecting with individuals whose profiles match your customers’ targets. You can find people who are talking about your industry or using keywords related to your products on the web. After that, you can add value to their network by delivering a comment under their posts or contributing to their conversations. Naturally, you can follow them and there is no reason for them not to follow you back.

Having a follower is not enough; developing a close relationship is more important because good relationships will turn into leads. Besides sharing a lot of useful information to your followers, you should learn to listen to what they are saying. By this way, you can easily tell them about the benefits of your product or service that they are looking for.

3. Engage customers in a conversation

Don’t make your network boring with a series of links or unrealistic message. Instead, try to use social medial with thoughtful interaction and communicate with followers as if they were friends, not those you are trying to sell to. It’s important to define your follower’s problems and give them some solutions or offer them your products that can wind their problems away. Definitely, your sales will be reached.

4. Be sure that your social suits other marketing tools

If your social media is going alone and divorced from other marketing forms, that means you are missing out. The best way to build your social media following efficiently is to include links to your social sites in your website, email campaigns, product pages and marketing materials, etc. The more options you give customers to interact with your brand, the closer you’ll be to reaching your social media marketing goals.

In conclusion, social media can be a very powerful marketing tactics for making your e-commerce store more productive. So why don’t you make full advantage of this tool from today?

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