Get FREE Homepage Banner Popup Ext.!


Hello Magebuzz's friends,

Today, again, we can’t help sharing our happiness with another talk on Homepage Banner Popup extension. Let’s see how this extension gives a helping hand to your online business!

Obviously, the homepage of any website is most viewed by visitors. As a result, it is a great idea to showcase an advertising popup there so that customers will have a better view of what is being promoted in your website. Understanding this need, we find it a must to develop a so-called Homepage Banner Popup extension to improve your banner management system.

This module allows store owners to promote their own products/services or display advertising banners of other websites or run some promotional campaigns on their  website’s  homepage. Moreover, your customers won’t be distracted as the popup will be hidden right after they click on the banner or close the popup.


  • Allow admin add/edit/delete banners in the backend easily

Images can be added or removed from the admin panel with information: title, url.

  • Enable to add link for each banner

Such an embedding will direct customers to the detail page or advertised website when clicking the popup.

  • Add ability to configure the popup in the homepage, namely:

* Provide admin help in turning on / off the popup in the home page

* Allow to set up cookies time to disable the popup after customers see it.

* Enable to display a random popup from the uploaded banners

  • Allow admin to track number of clicks and impression levels of each banners

In the backend, admin can view how many clickers per banner and which advertisment is most impressive.