40% Off Pre-ordering Magento Reward Points


Magebuzz are about to release V0.1.1 of their Reward Points extension for Magento stores. Good news for all out there who have been waiting for the new features which will be added to this Magebuzz module. Pre-order the Reward Points extension for just $45 and save $30 before its official release.

As promised, the following features will be added to make the use more efficiently:

  • Add reward point details into product page
    By this way, your customers will know how much points they can earn from purchasing any product, then encourage them to a final purchase decision.
  • Allow to display referral information on the registration & checkout page
    Customers can enter a referral code or email to their friends to give them points so that they can get discounts in your store. This feature works as an affiliate program in which customers can track their referral efforts and receive points for successful leads they create.
  • Improved design on the frontend
    The success of any module not only stays at the features, but its interface & design also plays an important role to satisfy your customers. Thus, Magebuzz have been exerting themselves to the utmost to deliver a nice-looking, simple & use-friendly design for the Reward Points page. Hope you will like it.

This special offer is available for a limited time only and is running until July 26, 2013. As usual, there is no coupon code required. Download this extension for the price of $45. From July 27 the price will increase to $75 again.