How to display category navigation on top of sidebar

Hello everyone, this is a very very popular question from customers about our free extension: Category sidebar navigation. How to display the navigation in the top of left or right column.

Almost customers try to change xml files of the module using before="-" but it does not work. We had a quick fix for the module in our store but this tutorial might still be useful for customers who are using old version. Please open file app/code/community/Magebuzz/Catsidebarnav/Block/Catsidebarnav.php, find 2 functions: leftSidebarBlock() and rightSidebarBlock(). In these 2 functions, you will see one same line:

$block->insert($sidebarBlock,'', true, 'cat-sidebar');

You will need to change this line to

$block->insert($sidebarBlock,'', false, 'cat-sidebar');

Well, that is all you need to do. Very simple, right?