Outstanding Customer care with Mageticket

Mageticket is an ideal solution for providing a customer care support system in your Magento-based store. The module is packed with all features dispensable for any successful e-commerce business, so why are not using Mageticket right now?


We’re happy to anounce the release of Mageticket module. This new module is packed with new features and enhancements to help you boost your customer support system and optimize the capabilities of your team.

Hightlights include a knowledge base, advanced auto-close function, multiple departments & operators, email ticket and ticket management.

Here are the most noticable features that you can benefit from the module:

  • Tickets

+ Tickets can be created both in the frontend by user and in the backend by admin.

+ Captcha helps to prevent fake logins and ensure the registration is being attempted by a human.

+ Tickets are assigned across your customer support teams and transferred to relevant departments after users choose which department they’d like to direct to.

+ Multiple attachments enable users to make better description for their tickets

+ The level of ticket urgency can be identified thanks to ticket priority function.

  • Knowledge base

+ To present your most common customer questions and show respective explanation

+ To avoid answering questions over and over

+ To be efficient in time and money saving

  • Email tickets

+ Email messages are automatically converted into tickets by Email Parser

+ Enable to create and reply to tickets using email

  • Auto-close

+ Allow to close ticket automatically after a predefined time without activity.

  • Department management

+ Allow to create unlimited departments

+ Assign tickets among different departments

+ Create multiple staff for each department

Please visit our product page to find the complete extension description and try the Mageticket demo. Let our Mageticket makes  your work with tickets faster and easier!

 Thanks for your reading!

Made by Nancy Do on 6 June, 2013