An approach for Magento and E-commerce

Hello guys! This is my first post on this blog. I has met Magento and e-commerce since Jan 2014. The first version of Magento I installed in my localhost is Magento CE (also the latest version at that time and now too). For 2 months eating and sleeping with them, I think I was charmed. Haha. Thank Mr.Neo for giving them to me. However, I still hope that I would meet them earlier.

For introducing myself at the moment, I have 3 characters(SSD): Simple, Sense of Responsibility, Dreamer.

My full-name is Nguyen Anh Thai (call me "Thai" for short). I nearly complete Engineer Degree (Software Engineering) at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Hanoi, Vietnam). And now, I have a part-time job at Magebuzz with responsibility as a Magento developer. Featured Product is my first Magento extension and 2nd extension is coming soon! In this post, I am going to talk about "How to be good at Magento and E-commerce as a developer?" (the way I am approaching)

First of all you need is programing skills. I can not explain clearly how it is, however you must be very good with condition (if...then...), loop (while ... for) structures.

The second factor you need is OOP thinking. OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming. It is so famous, of course, I can see it everywhere.

The third factor is PHP-Web experience. It is very good if you have worked with a PHP framework (luckily, I have a little experience with Yii, Cake, Symfony) because it provides you some essential knowledge and skills:

  • PHP language
  • Server-client architecture, HTTP protocol
  • Client-side languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • What is design pattern? and some popular design patterns such as: MVC pattern, Factory pattern, Event-Observer pattern,...
  • Web sercurity, cryptography
  • Designing code by module

The forth one is Magento experience (the thing I try improving day by day), you must read and understand code in core of Magento (app/core/Mage), and how to customize them? Keep calm and understand each Module as deeply as understand a Woman! Each module is not only the code, it is a valuable receipt for the last thing I am going to talk.

The last thing is e-commerce Knowledge. E-commerce give us many, many problems need to be solved. A new problem comes, also means an opportunity for us. I think it is the most important thing to decide whether you succeed with Magento and E-commerce or not, also the most I lack of. In my country (Vietnam), e-commerce is standing in baby step. It is main reason for our company mainly working with oversea business. Some big oversea-investors came, but it is still so bare, because e-commerce is related to many things such as: payment method, shipment method, shopping habit, and some else that I don't know. The world is so huge.

This is all that I am approaching for Magento and E-commerce. I think it has still many bugs. Please fix it with me. Very happy to receive your comment.

Nice weekend!