Advantages of embedding Youtube videos in website


It is well-known that embedding video in websites becomes common these days - so why aren’t you doing it? I’m writing to share with you some typical reasons why you should start this job right now with the focus placed on Youtube channel only.

First, YouTube is one of the easiest ways to embed your video at no cost. Youtube servers are specially built to stream multiple videos uploaded by individuals and businesses whereas your web server isn’t. In other words, you might spend a lot of time, even money to cover this function on your website.

You may wonder whether it is free or not?

It is clear that you aren't paying for any bandwidth or hosting. Even if there are a huge number of visitors to your website and watching your videos, YouTube will pay for the bandwidth instead of you. Moreover, video hosting in any channel can get expensive while Youtube winds this worry away by hosting all of your videos for free.

Second, embedding Youtube videos plays an important role in getting more traffic for your site. Since the video is part of Google service, it often appears in the first page of search results. Therefore, the websites with videos on them are more likely to increase their SEO ranking and also increase the number of clicks.  In other words, it can be regarded as an indirect way to improve your website’s popularity by raising clicks on it everyday.

So the question is which tool you can employ to embed Youtube videos onto your site. Actually, a lot of techniques are now available in the market and it is so confusing to take the right one among them. If you are the owner of a Magento store at the moment, Youtube Video module can be the best choice.

How does Youtube Video work?

In case you already created or have some videos on your Youtube channel, they can be embedded as a separate page on your Magento website. Then whenever you add a new video to your playlist or channel (ID), it is automatically fed into the player on your website. Additionally, you can even make a video be featured and put it on the top position of the page or homepage if you like. That you are allowed to define the number of videos per row and the size of thumbnails as well as the featured one contributes to make all the pages to be unified.

For more information on how Youtube Video manipulates the embedding process, you can visit the link

I hope that this writing is, to some extent, helpful to who is learning to embed Youtube videos in their website. Also, any comment or sharing from those who already knew about this concept or are using a similar extension is appreciated.

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Made by Nancy Do on 30 May, 2013

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