Special Discount on I Forgot Day at MageBuzz


I Forgot Day, sometimes called I'm Sorry Day is a day for something to be forgotten. If you are experiencing a bad day, it is just because that today is I Forgot Day. In some cases, people see this day as an opportunity to express their regrets for forgeting something important and make fixing.

We are writing to you not so as to apologize for our memory lapse, but to send our warmest heart to you. Wish all of you a wonderful and memorable day!

To express our sincerity, we’re going to offer you a special promotion campaign on I Forgot Day. Simply, go to our Magebuzz store, click “Like” button for our Facebook or Twitter, then add one of two extensions including Daily Deal or Product Question to your cart and enjoy an up-to-30% discount.

Hope that this freebie will contribute to your happiness in general and your Magento online store in particular this day!

Hurry up! The discount is only available tomorrow!