5 dispensable extensions to drive sales on Halloween

Dear our Magento friends,

In anywhere over the world, online store owners are trying their best to boost the sales and profit on Halloween. And I’m sure you are not exceptional.

Holidays are always the best occasions for us to express our gratitude to customers and earn more money. Halloween festival is coming, so why don’t we take fruitful opportunities to push customers to take their money out of pocket?

However, remember that your competitors are realizing the same opportunities, so if you don’t do something different, you can never make out of the holidays.

Today I am going to share with you some amazing additions to your Magento store so that you can offer your customer better shopping experience to earn more sales in the holidays. Just take a moment to look at the infographic as below and you may grasp some ideas:

halloween-page 1

Now it’s time I will go in details so that you can understand more about these extensions:

1. Daily Deal: Occasional deals where you allow customers to get discount for specific products in a limited time will be a memorable experience to your customers, particularly suitable for holidays or events.

2.Banner Ads Manager: You can upload banners separately and use blocks to display these banners. Each block may contain multiple banners and is displayed in a certain position. In fact, there are up to 35 positions available to place sliders in your website.

3. Events Calendar: Give your store some make-up work by the event page. You can create some events and place them to some of your strategic products to improve sales volume on these products.

4. Reward Points: Almost everyone loves gifts, I love, you love and your customers love, too. So why don’t give them the chance to receive reward points when shopping on your website?

5. Price Match: During holidays, store owners tend to lower the price of their products to attract more buyers to their site. Therefore, Price Match is developed to help you easily track their prices easily, then giving the right competition strategy.

The holiday is coming nearer and nearer, so quickly make the changes for your store before competitors grasp the chances before you!