5 best benefits of newsletter marketing


Email newsletters are an important venue for making a company’s products or services exposed to its customers. A well-conducted email marketing campaign can help grow your business, then newsletters become one of the most effective marketing tools all around. If you haven’t got a newsletter system for your company right now, ask yourself why not. Keep reading and you may find some benefits that you can enjoy from a newsletter campaign.

1. You can sell more products to fewer customers.

Obviously, it costs more money to attract a newcomer than to keep an old customer for your store. So why don’t you sell more things to existing people instead of driving to find new customers?

Your great advantage lies at scattering products to your current customers who you already know that they liked what you offered in the past. In other words, you can promote similar products or also tell them about a service they may not know you offer. In combination with well-placed promotions & freebies, you will give them more incentive to try something new available in your store.

2. You can drive more traffic to your site.

Most people who visit your website won’t become buyers on their first visit, but you can capture their attention by adding a newsletter sign-up form to your site. When a customer subcribe to newsletter, it means that he pays his interest in your products; thus whenever the customer gets your newsletter, he will surely visit your website again.

Through newsletters, you can explain the features of any product as well as the benefits of purchasing from your company. By this way, customers are encouraged to keep in touch with the company more often, then contributing to the overall sales volume of your business.

3. You can save money & earn more money.

There are a lot of email sending softwares available in the marketplace that cost you nothing or require lower monthly fees compared with traditional paper newsletters. In this case, newsletter helps you save money!

Clearly, the bottom line is increased revenue. By keeping you at the forefront of customers’mind, building your credibility & letting you tailor your campaigns, you are invisibly creating new chances at generating a sale and make more money!

4. Newsletter is fully measurable!

By using your email system’s analytics software, you can easily track every of your email marketing campaigns. Unlike any other form of marketing, newsletters provide tangible data on the results it generates like open rates, click number & bounces, then allowing you to capture what content matches your readers and further understanding both current & potential buyers’ needs as well as managing how many sales are created.

5. You always remain present in customers’ eyes

Even a good business relationship can go from hot to cold if there exists no communication for a long time. However, if you inform your customers what’s new to your business every week or once a month, you will be kept present in their minds. As a result, you may be the first person they think of when they need to buy something or refer someone. E-newsletters can help you achieve the same effect by placing your brand name in the minds of your recipients.

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