3 Tips to improve conversion rate of your Magento store


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I am Nancy Do, a marketing executive of Magebuzz. Besides marketing activities, I’m also in charge of our Magento Blog with many familiar sections including News and Updates, Interview, Tutorials & E-commerce Tips. Today, I will spend my little time to share with you about several small tips in boosting conversion rate for e-commerce websites. Here we go!

Perhaps, any online store owner would say that conversion rate speaks out his business. The higher the conversion rate becomes, the more is the number of purchases & the better is the reputation of the store. However surprisingly, a lot of e-commerce businessmen don’t realise how much more revenue can be gained from the traffic volume currently available in their sites if they place a small amount of money or use some tools for conversion rate optimization.

Are you thinking of improving the conversion rate of your Magento website right now? It’s high time to stop wondering & start reading. Here are some questions that you should act as customers to raise when making changes to the conversion rate of your Magento website:

1. Do they have the best pricing & speed-up checkout process?

Obviously, price is a crucial park of marketing, especially in sensitive price markets where customers frequently change which companies they buy from based on cost fluctuations. As a result, you should actively try to maintain the lowest price possible in comparison with your competitors. It is a sure that your customers will feel comfortable when they find that you are oriented around giving them the best pricing.

The Price Match extension provides a very effective solution to make sure that your store always catch up with your competitors price by allowing you to track their prices more easily.

According to FactBrowser.com that up to 26% of online shoppers hesitate to continue their purchase if they face any tardiness in the checkout process, which causes low conversion rate.

How long a company conducts a transaction, to some extent, shows its professionalism and determines whether that company succeeds or not. The key lies at timeline of process. Let your customers reach the final stage before forcing them to conduct unwanted requests like register, subcribe, etc. In other words, make sure to establish a simple and light checkout process to keep your customers never abandon the sale all together.

We suggest Magento Simple Checkout as a solution for your problem. With this extension, your buyers will have no trouble at all finalizing their purchase, but in half the time and effort.

2. What do others say about this product or service?

Sometimes your customers are just a step away from purchasing because they lack some information about a product or want to make sure they have selected the right one. Generally, reviews both good and bad are very helpful. So why aren’t you making product reviews public in your site so as to gain customer’s confidence, then convert traffic number to sales?

Magento Product Questions acts as one of the most useful extensions for this purpose. With such a module, you can retain exclusive customers by letting them ask for more information & view all related questions & answers under a specific product. Invisibly, it builds a forum where store owners and online shoppers can interact with each other.

3. Why do I need to do this now?

There is no reason why a wide range of online sites handle this by offering regular promotions or discounts. Simply, everybody always loves something “Free” or “Cheaper” in their thought. It is important to run limited time offers because when customers know they need something really quick, you can also lower their concerns. Furthermore, promotions & freebies will make your Magento site more interactive and keep customers coming to your store more often.

Daily Deal & Reward Points are the best solutions for this situation.

Daily Deal provides you an easy edge in creating different promotional campaigns for any product in your store. It enriches your deal site to encourage customers to check your site everyday by setting the discount price and length of time below each deal and showing how much money they can save.

At the same time, Magento Reward Points helps increase customer loyalty by giving them “reward points” for specific activities. Customers will get responsive reward points for different activities in your site. Reward Points can be regarded as a form of discount at checkout time, contributing to a better customer care and conversion rate improvement of your store.

In fact, there are numerous questions we should deal with while attempting to improve the conversion rate for your Magento store. Hope that with the aid of above-mentioned marketing tools, you can speed up a user’s decision to make a purchase & see the success of your store in leads.

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