10 Must-have Qualities of A Successful Product


Hi everyone,

As a member of Magebuzz marketing team, I understand that one of the most concerns among you as store owners, who are operating e-commerce businesses is probably how to make a high-quality product or service. That's the reason why I am sharing with you some most important qualities to build up a successful product for your company.

Clearly, millions of dollars are spent yearly on developing and launching new products. However did you know that only one in 10 will prove successful? And even fewer will enjoy a long shelf life.

Ask yourself the following 10 questions before going public with your “must have” product or service. They are also what makes your product successful since its first launch.

  1. Does your product have unique features? In stead of being a “same-old”, your product has to own a cool new look that will make consumers sit up and take notice.
  2. Does it have mass appeal? In other words, is it something that will sell to the stay-at-home mother of four as well as the seasoned fisherman?
  3. Does it solve a problem? Think of something in your field that’s troublesome and invent a solution. If your product doesn’t solve a problem, you may get a potential problem – customers aren’t likely to buy it.
  4. Can you easily explain how it works? There has to be an easy-to-understand explanation of how and why your product works. If it takes a college degree to understand the product, it’s too complicated. Your product should be intuitive to use and extremely simple to understand. Let’s face it, most of us are just too lazy to watch over the small print in a thick instructions manual.
  5. Is it multifunctional? In this case, you should think like your competitor. If you come out with a product that has just one function, it’s so easy for your competitor to knock you down with a similar product that offers more functions.
  6. Can you answer the questions the viewer is thinking? You must be well-prepared for any question that could arise over your product. Put yourself in the shoes of consumers, and think of all the questions they could ask.
  7. Are there any proven results? Also you should be backing up your claims with success stories or practical studies that will give customers more confidence on your products.
  8. Is there a powerful offer with a supportive cost? The key to be successful is great value at the right price. In today’s world, people immediately check the Internet for the same product at a cheaper price.
  9. Is there a magical demo? This factor acts as a powerful marketing tool that easily shows noticeable differences between your product & competitors’.
  10. Are there testimonials? An “actual customer” promo is ten times better than any “actor.” Real people offer real results. Therefore, you should seek out professional testimonials from industry associations, companies or experts in industry to further build your product’s credibility.

If you answered YES to all 10 of these questions, you’ve got a product that’s so solid you won’t even need an endorser to make it fly off the shelves.