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  • Magento shopping cart promotion with grand total

    In Magento we can easily create discount code using Shopping Cart Promotion Rules. It allows us to give discount based on lots of conditions: cart attributes (subtotal, shipping, payment methods...) or product attributes. However, we cannot create a coupon code based on grand total that includes discount and shipping amount. In this blog, I will show you an easy way to do this.
  • Boost your sales with Event Calendar

    One of the very effective ways  to sell your store image and improve your sales is holding promotion events. How to make these events well-known to both customers and visitors to your stores? Creating an online event, showing banners and selling tickets are not bad ideas. With help from Even Calendar extension, things seem so easy.

  • 13 SEO Strategies to Improve Your Product Pages

    Search engine optimization (SEO) can make or break any website, but it’s especially critical for eCommerce sites whose success depends on attracting, delighting, converting, and retaining the most consumers. Optimizing eCommerce websites is more complicated than doing SEO for a typical site that doesn’t have hundreds or even thousands of product listings, so it’s even more important to

  • Tips to Customize Instagram for Your Business.

    If you are running an online business, optimizing social channels is a fundamental factor that brings your brand closer to community. In this article, I will review 6 tips to build your business’s Instagram following and make your label more popular.

  • 4 Ideas for Content Marketing in September 2015

    September has come. Do you have any ideas for developing your brand? I am sure that new and surprised things always attract your customers. If your content marketing campaign is making both you and your potential customers feel bored, it’s time for you to take new phase. I hope that 4 ideas below will make your content more attractive.

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