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  • Magento filter products by stock status

    Hi guys, It's nice to welcome you to Magebuzz blog. This is my first post on the blog. Today I would like to introduce about a new extension that allows customers to search for products by their stock status.
  • Magento add delivery date for checkout

    Add and show delivery date & time in checkout page. Customers can easily select their preferred date & time for order shipment. They can also add comment for sellers by text field or using predefined messages from a drop down. All of these features can be found in Magento Simple Checkout 0.1.6
  • Magento redirect non-www to www by .htacess

    It is important to keep your website URL not duplicated because of non www and www domain. Search engines consider both websites as two different ones that’s why it is important to use 301 redirect from to It is crucial to avoid duplicate content.
  • 500 internal server error on Magento product images

    I encountered this issue when I transferred Magento site from development environment to production site. When you open the site, no images cannot be displayed. I tried to copy image URL, pasted on the browsers and I got 500 internal server error.
  • Get configurable product from simple product in Magento

    Today I had to help our client fix a bug related to Out of Stock extension. The problem was related to configurable product. One of its option was out of stock and then when it came back to stock, it sent a notification email to customers but it could not get product image. It was because that simple product has no image. So from the simple product, I must find a way to get configurable

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