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  • Get configurable product from simple product in Magento

    Today I had to help our client fix a bug related to Out of Stock extension. The problem was related to configurable product. One of its option was out of stock and then when it came back to stock, it sent a notification email to customers but it could not get product image. It was because that simple product has no image. So from the simple product, I must find a way to get configurable

  • How to share shopping cart between several Magento multiple websites

    You have several websites, now you want to share shopping cart across all websites but magento does not allow sharing cart between websites. This article will show you how to have single cart for multiple websites.

  • Happy New Year

    We would like to thank you for your support during 2014. We together had a great year with thousands of new customers. We also put our effort in improving our extension quality and support. We know that there are still lots of things to improve and we list them in our 2015 plan.

  • Set default value for product attribute in Magento

    You may know that you can set default value for product attribute in Magento when you create this attribute. However, it's not the correct way as this default value will be applied for new created products, not for all products that are created before this attribute. Here I will show you how to apply new attribute with default value for all products.
  • Simple Checkout 0.1.5 is released with more new features

    Have your customers ever gotten trouble when always having to use more several clicks to complete an order? Even if there may have some errors, they have to go back to redo each step till all required information is exactly matched! It may make them boring with purchasing process that lead to ignore the orders. This will really impact on your business! Instead of worrying about that, you can

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