Abandoned Cart Emails

Don't Leave Money on the Table Because of Numerous Abandoned Carts

The Abandoned Cart Emails Extension allows Magento stores to send the customers an email reminding them of their abandoned carts. This extension is developed with a flexible configuration from the back-end allowing you to have your own abandoned cart alert system.

  • Update regularly cart abandonment in the store
  • Automatically send customers to notify about their abandoned cart
  • Offer coupon code directly in the email to motivate buyers to come back
  • Set exact timing, frequency and elapsed time between emails.
  • Wisely advertise related products



  • FACT #1: 68.63% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customers complete a sale (according to the Baymard Institute)
The customer might spend a lot of time browsing your site, and carefully select favorite items but - for some reasons such as slow loading times, excessive shipping charges or simply not being ready to buy yet – he/ she made abandonment at the critical point.
These astonishing facts imply that the current sales volume of your online store may only be one third of what they could potentially be. However, don’t be devastated and keep reading the second fact:

  • FACT #2: Nearly 50% of leaving customers intend to return and finish the purchase if they receive Abandoned Cart Emails from the store
What is Abandoned Cart Email?
The Abandoned Cart Emails are a conversion optimization technique where the online stores send an email reminder to their customers who exit a website but failed to check out.
How does it help?
- Nearly half (49.1%) of all cart abandonment emails are opened.
- Over a tenth (11.6%) of all cart abandonment emails are clicked.
- Just under a third (29.9%) of clicks lead to a recovered purchase back on site.
As you see, it is impossible to persuade all cart-abandoners to go through checkout but it’s still worth putting effort since a significant proportion of them are persuadable.
How it works

The Abandoned Cart Emails Extension allows the store owners to easily create and send emails to their customers who leave the site without checkout, in order to remind these buyers of their abandoned carts. To operate the module, firstly you must have the cron job setup in your server. Once a cron job is setup correctly, the module will check your system regularly for abandoned carts. Based on your settings in the back-end, it will automatically send emails to the cart-abandoners.

Easily configure when to send reminder emails and their frequencies

After the cron job is setup correctly, the module will check your system regularly for abandoned carts. Once a case is detected, the system will send email to that customer to reminding them of their abandoned carts. However, the email will not be sent instantly to the customers, its timing depends on settings of the admin.

Also, sending only one reminder email is usually not effective and easily neglected by receivers. Therefore, the extension allows the admin to send many emails with clear configuration of number of emails and delay time between these emails to get the best results.

Furthermore, there are two options of stopping sending emails: the first one is when the customers click on the cart link in the mail, and the second one is when they replace the order after reading the email.
General Settings for Abandoned Cart Emails

Enhance the reminder email effectiveness by generating coupon codes

If the store sends an email just simply to remind abandoned items, there is a high possibility that the customers will ignore it cause nothing is different from the last time they see. Hence, using coupon code is exactly what we need in this case to enhance buyers' motivation.

The module allows you to create a coupon code with full features (automatically generated, discount type & amount, length, expiration, uses,…). Also, you can decide the email in which the coupon code is attached.
Coupon Code Settings for Abandoned Cart Emails

Freely Customize and Create Attractive Reminder Email Template

The reminder email content is the most crucial factor leading to customers’ come back. Hence, the Magento Abandoned Cart Emails Extension provides two available email templates but allows the administrator to customize at ease.

Email Settings for Abandoned Cart Emails

Here are a valuable layout suggestion for the store owners to create their own reminder emails:

First – The Fundament - A reminder of what the customers have abandoned
Because it might take few hours after abandonment for the email to be sent, the customers would easily forget what they intended to buy in the first place. Hence, please remember to be as specific as possible when adding those items on the abandoned baskets. Including a product image is a must, as people often respond better to images than text on its own. Then, you should mention price and other product attributes chosen by the buyers (e.g.: color, size,…)

Second – The Essential – A Super-Clickable Call to Action

Add Call to action to Abandoned Cart Email

As mentioned before, when it comes to cart abandonment emails there is only one action that the store wants the receivers to take. To do that, please ensure that your Call to Action message is prominent and super-clickable such as: Take me back instantly to my basket, Claim my item right now, Let me complete my order, …
Third – the Nice to have’s – An Exclusive Promotion
Add Discount Coupon Code to Abandoned Cart Email
With a discount the customers are more likely to complete their orders since the most common for cart abandonment is the final price. This unexpected gift might be a deciding factor for the comeback of the buyers. Otherwise, if the customers remain their decision, they still feel more satisfied with the good quality service of the store and might return in the future.


  • Timing is Crucial

Sending the first email
In general, the first message should only contain the most important details about the shopping cart and a prominent buy button to facilitate the checkout process.
The standard elapsed time before the first email is sent is One hour while after Four hours the sales gains might be highest. Then, the returning traffic often diminishes after this time frame.

Sending the second email
Utilizing a single abandoned cart email is often not enough to encourage customers to return and complete their purchases. The second reminder is a great time to include a coupon to give consumers an extra reason to convert.
Sending the second message 12 hours after the first one is an effective way to appeal to deal-savvy shoppers. Otherwise, 24 hours is typically a successful time frame because the majority of customers make their decisions within one day.

  • Get your Subject Line Straight
- Ensure that your brand is identifiable before the email is opened
- Personalize the subject line by using the receiver’s name or by the product names (E.g.: We still keep the [product] for you!)
- Make the content email obvious in the subject line (E.g.: You left some items in your shopping cart)
- Create a sense of urgency (E.g.: Hurry up, your basket will expire within 48 hours!)

  • Allure The Customers With Other Related Items
Why don’t you take advantage of abandoned cart emails as a potential marketing strategy? Because of the purpose an abandoned cart email serves, it is a much more welcome email than normally marketing emails. If you are able to wisely attach related products into the mail, your store can introduce more items to the customers as well as pull them back to your website.

Other Features
  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meet Magento programming practices
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free update
  • Monthly updated with new and great features
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  • 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Release Notes

Latest version: 0.1.3

Version 0.1.3

Release: March 9, 2016

- Show cart items in notification emails

- Fix permission and router issues

Version 0.1.2

Release: June 11, 2014

- Allow to send reminder emails to guest if email is available

- Support Magento 1.9

- Allow to add discount amount into email template

- Fixed issues:

+ Always send coupon code even it is disabled in configuration

+ Cannot send coupon code if it is set to send coupon code from the first email

+ Still delete coupon code automatically when that feature is disabled

+ Do not send reminder emails after customer's shopping cart is updated

Version 0.1.1

Release: November 29, 2013

- Works with Magento 1.8

- Fixed sending thousands of emails after installing the module.

Version 0.1.0

Release: December 26th, 2012

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